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Are you aware of these nutrient- filled leaves that can keep your health in good shape?


Posted on : 27/Jan/2022 9:41:45 AM

We cannot eat all the leaves but only some!!

It is important to note that there are pants that produce edible leaves with unique flavor and nutrients. The common leaves that we eat normally are green leafy vegetables and examples are kale, spinach etc. There are certain leaves that are available and these leaves have vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, fibers, folic acid and others in them. These leaves are good for our health.

Various edible leaves that are good for our health are

Mint leaves intake:

Our bad breath issues and indigestion etc could be overcome by mint leaves that have phytonutrients and antioxidants etc. Mint leaves also have phosphorus, calcium, vitamins like A,D C and E and by eating mint leaves our immunity would get boosted.

Parsley leaves intake:

It must be noted that parsley leaves are rich in nutrients like vitamin A, K and C. Our immunity would get boosted by vitamins like A and C. In addition, our skin health as well as eye health would also improve. Various ingredients found in parsley leaves are calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron etc.

Fenugreek leaves intake:

By eating fenugreek leaves, our overall health would get better. These leaves have phytonutrients plus beta carotene, vitamins like A and C etc. They are low glycemic index foods and do not lead to spike in the blood sugar levels when consumed. Consuming fenugreek leaves could help us to avoid osteoporosis issues etc.

Lettuce leaves intake:

There are many ingredients present in lettuce such as vitamins A,C and K plus potassium etc. By consuming lettuce leaves it is possible that we could fight inflammation. Our heart health would also improve.  There are fibers in lettuce and these would promote digestion. We could also feel calm and relaxed by consuming lettuce and by this we would be able to sleep well.

Spinach leaves intake:

Spinach has folic acid, vitamins like C, K plus iron, calcium etc in it. Our digestion would improve by consuming spinach with insoluble fibers. Lutein present in spinach would improve our eye health. By eating these leaves our bone health would become superb and BP would also be kept in control.

 Curry leaves intake:

These leaves have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in them and the oral health would get better. Various issues like cholesterol, diabetes etc could be managed well by eating curry leaves. Truth is that the majority of people do not eat curry leaves.




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