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Know about these fantastic health benefits which we could get by just clapping our hands!!


Posted on : 15/Jan/2022 12:07:00 PM

When was the last time you clapped? You might think that this question is an absurd one!!

The surprising truth behind this is by making our 2 palms meet together strongly or clapping we could get several health benefits in us.

Right from our school days, we have been taught by our parents as well by our teachers etc to clap our hands to show our appreciation and happiness towards others. There are many people now who have forgotten how to clap also due to hectic work schedules etc. The stressful lives we have now do not allow us to think about anything other than our families or work etc. Majority of us do not take enough care about our health.

There are 340 pressure points in our body and as many as 28 pressure paints are present in our hands alone. It is worthy to note that these pressure points are linked to various organs of our body. By stimulating these pressure points, we could get relief from many health issues or keep the health issues under control etc. Point to be noted here is that while clapping it is necessary that we must keep both hands straight facing each other and then strike each other. Just 20 minutes of clapping every day could make us energetic and healthy.

When we clap our hands, the acupressure pressure points in the hands that get triggered are hand valley point, base of thumb point, wrist point, inner gate point and thumb nail point etc.

Various health benefits of clapping are

Cures asthma:

Lung related issues like asthma could be cured by clapping the hands. Many people suffer from asthma and this could be due to various factors like pollutants, tobacco smoke, pets, mold etc.

Relief from pain:

When a person has got pain then he or she would find it very difficult. They usually take certain painkillers etc to overcome the pain. Not many of us would associate clapping hands with pain relief.  Those with back pain, joint pain and neck pain etc could get benefited by clapping hands.

Lowers BP:

Blood pressure of hypertension is one common health issue and many have this issue. Stress is one factor that would lead to an increase in blood pressure or BP. By clapping hands, it would be possible to lower your blood pressure.

Immunity booster:

With the rapid increase in many Coronavirus cases plus several other diseases, it is necessary that we must have high immunity to avoid these infections a and diseases. It is believed that clapping our hands could boost our immunity levels.

Helps to manage diabetes:

High blood sugar levels often lead to several health complications later on. Hence, it is important that we must keep our diabetes in control. This could also be achieved by clapping our hands.

Improves blood circulation:

It is essential that our blood circulation must be good and by that it would be possible for us to avoid several health issues. Clapping our hands could help in good blood circulation. Those who work in the closed air-conditioned workplaces etc must practice clapping for their blood circulation. 

Treats anxiety, depression, insomnia etc:

These days many of us suffer from issues like anxiety, depression and insomnia etc and try various ways to overcome these issues. These persons could try clapping of hands too as it is very beneficial and simple.




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