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Want to lower or reduce your cholesterol levels & avoid heart diseases etc, then please eat these fruits!!


Posted on : 11/Jan/2022 9:49:12 AM

Essential to produce hormones, vitamin D etc cholesterol is as waxy like substance that is present in every cell of out body. We could get cardiovascular problems when we have persistent high cholesterol levels in us. It is known that cholesterol is carried in the bloodstream by carriers made of fat or lipid and proteins known as lipoproteins. Two main types of cholesterol are good cholesterol or HDL and bad cholesterol or LDL.

When there is excess amounts of bad cholesterol in us, then there are more chances of us getting issues like heart attacks, strokes etc. This is due to the formation of plaques on the arteries (due to bad cholesterol) of the heart resulting in poor blood circulation. Hence, we must reduce the cholesterol levels. By doing cholesterol test it would be possible to find out the amount of each type of above said cholesterol in us. Not many of us know that truth that fruits are good for our heart health as they would lower cholesterol levels in us.

Our cholesterol levels could get lowered by eating certain fruits. These fruits are

Consuming strawberries:

Strawberries are highly delicious to taste and we could lower our cholesterol levels by eating strawberries. They also provide many skin based benefits due to the rich antioxidant content in them.

Consuming apples:

Who doesn’t like eating apples? Sweet to taste, apples are rich in pectin. This fibre could lower the cholesterol levels in us. There are also other health benefits of eating apples like improvement in the immune system, cancer prevention etc.

Consuming citrus fruits:

In the winter season, fruits like oranges, lime and grapefruit etc are available. These fruits come under citrus fruit category. When a person eats these citrus fruit then his or her cholesterol levels could reduce.

Consuming grapes:

These greenish coloured fruits are very delicious to taste plus they could lower our cholesterol levels. Other health benefits of intake of grapes are prevention of chronic diseases, reduce blood sugar levels etc.

Consuming avocado:

Many of us are of the view that by consuming avocado our cholesterol levels would increase. The truth is that eating avocado would lower our cholesterol levels. Avocados are rich in folates and fibres and would provide us many benefits. 

Consuming bananas:

Bananas are superb to taste and many of us eat this fruit as it is available easily. Intake of this fruit would lower cholesterol levels in us as they are rich in fibre content.




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