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Be careful about these common habits that can lead to Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs?


Posted on : 06/Jan/2022 10:08:02 AM

These days, urinary tract infections have become very common as people dont take enough care of themselves. When a person gets affected with an infection in his or her urinary tract then that person is said to have got UTI or urinary tract infection. The infection could affect both lower as well as upper urinary tract of a person and when he or she gets infection in the upper urinary tract then it is called kidney infection or pyelonephritis. In the same way, when he or she gets an infection in the lower urinary tract then it is called bladder infection or cystitis. Though both men as well as women could get UTIs, it is women who are at more risk of getting the infection when compared to men.

Some common habits that can lead to urinary tract infection in us are

Not drinking enough water:

Many of us do not drink enough water that is required per day. This could lead to dehydration in us. The dehydrated body could allow the bacteria to build up and it could lead to UTI in us.

Wearing tight undergarments:

When we wear tight undergarments then the moisture would get trapped inside those and this would help bacteria to multiply.

By incorrect wiping:

Sometimes, we might wipe our private parts in a direction opposite to how it must be done after passing urine or stools. This incorrect wiping could lead to bacteria entering our urinary tract leading to UTIs.

Not emptying urinary bladed after intercourse:

Many do not do this and they get urinary tract infections in them. Therefore, it is a must to empty the urinary bladder after intercourse or sex to keep UTIs at bay.

Not passing urine or holding for a long time:

It is a must to pass urine on a regular basis. Holding urine without passing it out might lead to urinary tract infections. So, please be careful.

Poor gut health:

It is worthy to note that UTIs occur in those persons who have poor gut health. Truth is that intake of antibiotics could lead to poor gut health or gut without good bacteria. The gut would have the much needed good bacteria or good gut health by consuming prebiotic as well as probiotic foods along with antibiotics.

Some underlying health issues etc that could lead to UTIs:

Menopause stage:

In this stage, a woman faces issues in releasing their urine fully and this too might lead to UTIs. It is well known that menopause is an important stage in the life of a woman in which the women become infertile.

Uncontrolled diabetes:

It is true that those persons with uncontrolled diabetes or blood sugar levels are more prone to UTIs in them.




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