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These healthy foods must be consumed by those working in the night shifts without fail!!


Posted on : 04/Jan/2022 9:46:33 AM

If we are given the option to work either in the day shift or in the night shift, the majority of us would choose day shift only!!

It is true that working in the day shifts is comparatively easier than working in the night shifts. We consume food at erratic times when we work in the night shift and this could lead to some health issues in us. To prevent health issues in us due to night shift jobs, it is necessary that we must make some changes in the diet we consume. There are some research based studies that have shown that persons who work in the night shift put on weight when compared to those working in the day shifts. By putting on more weight, we could become obese and this could lead to several health issues in us. A balance between good health and mind is necessary for us.

By consuming these foods, those working in the night shifts would be able to maintain their health. The foods are

Intake of dark chocolates:

By consuming dark chocolates, our cholesterol levels would get lowered and the chances of getting heart diseases would get reduced. These dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants. Stimulants in dark chocolates like caffeine and theobromine could help us to stay in the night.

Intake of chia pudding:

It is known that chia seeds are rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. For those who work in the night shifts, intake of chia puddings could be superb as they are low in calories and filled with nutrients. The person would feel full and would not feel hungry for a long time. 

Intake of low glycemic index foods:

Regulation of blood sugar is difficult in the night time because pancreas would not be able to work efficiently in the night time. Therefore, those in the night shifts must eat low glycemic food such as fruits, raw carrots, kidney beans etc. These would be digested and absorbed slower than the usual. By this, our blood sugar levels might not increase.

Intake of soups:

The liquid foods are already broken down and they dont put pressure on the digestive system. Hence, it would be good to consume soups while working in the night shifts. It is good to consume soups of mushrooms and other vegetables etc.

Intake of nuts:

No matter what time we have dinner, it is natural that we would feel hungry while working in the night shifts. In that situation, it would be good to eat almonds, nuts, roasted chana and makhana instead of processed foods like sweetened drinks etc. By consuming these foods in the night shifts, we would not feel hungry as these foods would make us feel full.

Intake of hydrating foods:

When we work in the night shifts, we might feel tired as we wont be able to sleep. Truth is that dehydration is the biggest reason for feeling fatigue. It is essential to consume water based foods like watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries etc.




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