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By these important ways, we can tackle the winter triggered sedentary diseases etc effectively!!


Posted on : 03/Jan/2022 9:54:16 AM

Many of us might not be aware of the fact that in the winter season we could get affected more by certain sedentary lifestyle diseases.  It is known that flu is one common health issue that most of us would get in the winters. There are also few other illnesses people could get due to lack of exercises etc because they spend their time indoors mostly during the winter season.

It is worth mentioning that the sedentary lifestyle in the winter season could lead to changes in cholesterol levels in us and this could lead to issues like diabetes, heart disease in us. Many people gain weight especially in the winter because they tend to over eat.

These ways would help a person to tackle the winter season based on sedentary diseases and health issues effectively.

By eating healthy diet:

To boost the immunity, it is necessary that we must consume a well balanced diet that includes whole grains, legumes, nuts, lean meat, fish, poultry and plenty of fruits and vegetables etc. It is known that foods that are rich in vitamin C are highly beneficial for us as they could increase immunity. Examples of vitamin C foods are citrus fruits, strawberries, peppers, black currants etc. It is important that we must not eat high calorie winter delights.

By exercising:

Throughout the winter season, we could be fit by doing physical activity regularly. We could feel warm and our immunity would increase if we do yoga and any type of physical activity. Those with issues like asthma, heart problems etc must consult a doctor for the sake of special precaution that might be needed before doing certain exercises.

By managing stress:

It is very important to de-stress ourselves in the winter season. This could be done by taking a break from the routine work or by doing something that could make us feel happy and removes stress. Medication, yoga etc could be very useful to remove stress.

By keeping a check on vital parameters:

In the winter season, it is more important to keep a check on vital parameters like BP, heart rate, blood sugar levels etc. Doctors must be consulted immediately whenever major changes are witnessed. 

By abstaining from smoking and drinking:

A person could get atrial fibrillation or abnormal heart rhythm when he or she consumes alcohol in winters. This could be because intake of alcohol could lead to toxic effects on the heart muscles. Truth is that smoking could aggravate heart issues, respiratory ailments and could lead to high BP.

By sleeping enough:

Sleeping is very important for us because it would rejuvenate the body while stabilizing energy and the appetite levels the next day. Our mental as well as physical health levels would get optimized by sleeping enough for 6 to 8 hours every day.

By avoiding prolonged outdoor stay:

In the winter season, we must avoid staying outdoors for prolonged periods of time. Our body temperature would get regulated and we would feel warm when we stay indoors.




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