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After eating meals, never do these things as it could harm your health!!

Posted on: 04/Dec/2021 9:31:47 AM
Majority of us develop many post meal habits in our lives. The shocking truth is that these post meal habits are harmless but they could disrupt the nutritional balance of the meal we had consumed. Nutrition absorption mechanism of our body would get affected by the habits. This might be the reason why sometimes despite consuming a balanced meal we might lack the essential nutrients in our body.

We must avoid these habits after eating meals.

Avoid intake of fruits:
Fruits would provide us with lots of health benefits is known fact. It is important to note that when fruits are eaten after meals then they would get mixed with consumed food and would limit the absorption. We might get some digestion based issues. So, please be careful.

Avoid smoking:
Smoking is harmful for the heath but smoking after consuming meals could increase is even more dangerous. The carcinogens present in the cigarette could worsen the IBS and could lead to ulcerative colitis also.

Avoid taking naps:
Most of us would have naps after taking meals but this is not good for our health. Truth is that while sleeping the digestive juices could rise up from the stomach and it could lead to heartburns.

Avoid taking bath:
It is believed that taking shower after eating meals could make the blood rush to the skin to regulate the body temperature. This could lead to digestive issues in us.

Avoid doing exercises:
We could get issues like vomiting, stomach puffiness and loose motions etc when we do exercises after consuming heavy meals.  However, it is good to do an important yoga named Vajrasana as this pose would help in digestion.

Avoid drinking tea or coffee:
When we drink coffee or tea right after eating meals, then the phenolic compounds present in these beverages could limit iron absorption. So please drink these atleast after one hour after eating meals

Avoid drinking water:
The secretion of enzymes and juices would get reduced when we drink water after eating meals. We might get issues like acidity and bloating etc and these would make our digestion difficult.

Avoid loosening belt around stomach:
This is one common mistake many of us make after consuming heavy meals.  By loosening the belt around the stomach, the digestion and gastric process would get disrupted. We could get many health issues. It must be taken into account that thehe loosening of the belt around the stomach would be a sign of overeating.