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Every pregnant woman must know about these reasons for getting headaches during pregnancy!!


Posted on : 02/Dec/2021 9:26:03 AM

Pregnancy is an important stage in the life of a woman!!

Pregnancy brings huge joy and happiness for a woman. Headaches occur in pregnant women and they find it very difficult to cope up with headaches. It is believed that factors like sinus congestion, interrupted sleep and dehydration could lead to headaches in a pregnant woman. Truth is that headaches that occur during pregnancy are harmless. In some women, headaches might happen suddenly and start in the second half of their pregnancy and it could be dangerous. It might be signs of preeclampsia and it requires medical treatment immediately. There are chances that preeclampsia might lead to further fatal complications also in pregnant women. Blood volume and hormone increase could lead to more frequent headaches in a pregnant woman in around 9 weeks.

Various reasons for headaches in a pregnant woman are

Sinus pressure:
Pressure on the sinuses would become more due to the increase in the blood volume. This could result in severe headaches in a pregnant woman.

Not enough sleep:
The pregnant woman might find it difficult to sleep peacefully in the nights and this could lead to headaches in her also.

It is true that headaches in a pregnant woman could be due to dehydration. Pregnancy is associated with nausea and due to this reason pregnant women don’t drink enough water and this would lead to dehydration headaches.

Pregnant women consume more calories and this could lead to bouts of hunger and low blood sugar levels etc. Headaches could occur.

Hormonal fluctuations:
Point to be noted is that pregnant women would have fluctuations in their hormonal levels. This might trigger headaches for them.

During pregnancy, the weight of the woman would become more and there would be body changes. This would put pressure on shoulders and neck etc leading to headaches.

Caffeine withdrawal:
There are also chances that a pregnant woman could get headaches when she avoids coffee rich in caffeine. Withdrawal symptoms take place in her leading to headaches and fatigue etc.

Various ways of getting relief from headaches during pregnancy:
Pregnant women must drink water whenever they get headaches. By this, she could get relief from dehydration based headaches. Pregnant t women must take rest in a dark room and must avoid looking at screens. This would reduce the tension headaches. By applying hot and cold compress on the head, neck etc. This would relax the muscles easily.




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