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Various reasons why we must never consume cold foods or drinks in the winter season!!


Posted on : 26/Nov/2021 9:52:39 AM


The wind is chilly and cold and it is the winter season now. People try various ways to keep themselves warm during the winter season is well known. It is normal that at this time of the year the majority of us get affected by some health issue. It must be taken into account that the cold climates are favourable for certain types of flues and infections to spread easily from one to another. Therefore, it is necessary that we must follow the right diet to stay healthy in the winter or cold climate. Many of us consume aerated drinks directly from the fridge in the summer season and that is okay. Now, in the winter season we must not consume drinks and foods that are cold as they could harm our health. 

Instead of cold foods, it would be good if we consume certain foods that would not only improve our immunity but also keep us warm. These foods are ghee, dates, sesame seeds, ginger etc.

Intake of cold foods/ drinks during winters could lead to these issues.

Gut issues:
In women especially, intake of cold foods could lead to few gut related issues such as bloating, puffiness, cramps etc. It must be noted that according to TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine the gut is extremely heat sensitive and when we consume cold foods then it would send shock throughout the body. This could further result in issues like sinus infections, fatigue etc.

Reduces body temperatures:
Our body temperature might get lowered when we consume cold foods. It is said that the coldness in the body could impact the flow as well as circulation of the fluids. We might get an issue called blood stasis where blood does not get circulated at optimal level.

Impacts throat:
By eating or drinking cold foods and drinks during winter season our throat would get affected badly. It is important to mention that in the winters we must not consume cold drinks, cold coffee or cold juices etc as these could irritate the throat. It is good to consume warm milk, soups, nuts etc in the winter season.

Makes us prone to cold and cough:
Most of us get colds and coughs especially in the winter time and due to these issues doing our daily activities could become tough. We would feel uncomfortable with sneezing, blocked nose and sore throat etc. Point is that in the winter season when the weather around us is already cold, eating or drinking something cold would lead to reflexive cough action.

Negative impact on immune system:
We could feel a little heavy when we consume cold foods in the winters. The reason for that is they are harder to digest and could negatively affect the immune system.
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