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Never eat these foods especially during winters as they would make you fat easily!!


Posted on : 24/Nov/2021 10:00:02 AM

Sipping a cup of hot coffee or hot tea and eating hot foods!! We all love these in the winters especially isn’t it!!

These would make us feel happy and relaxed. Shocking truth is that the majority of us put on weight during the winter season. There are certain reasons that could lead to weight gain in the winter season and these are like lack of physical activity, cold weather, metabolism decrease, consuming more foods than usual to stay warmer etc. It is very difficult for us to be fit and in proper shape due to these reasons. We must not eat certain foods during the winter season as they might increase weight.

Certain foods that we must not consume in winters to avoid becoming fat or weight gain are

Avoid intake of creamy soup:
It is true that most of us consume hot soup in the winter season. The benefits of hot soup intake are it would curb hunger plus it would keep us warmer and would provide us with nutrients etc. It must be taken into note that we must not consume creamy soup as it might make us fat or gain weight. It would be good to consume clear soups like tomato soup or vegetable soup etc instead of creamy soup.

Avoid intake of winter sweets:
Winter delicacies such as chikki, til ladoo, gulab jamun, Xmas cakes etc are rich in calories and hence we must not consume these winter sweets in excess amounts. Moderate and mindful intake of these winter sweets would be good. Desserts must be consumed once a day and more would be harmful and would make us put on weight.

Avoid intake of parathas:
Especially in the winter seasons, many of us eat hot stuffed parathas loaded with butter along with chutney etc. The ease of preparation plus the availability of a variety of vegetables etc would make parathas the most preferred food in the winters. Parathas could be stuffed with carrots or potatoes, cauliflower etc. Point is that fat could keep us warm in the winter but excess intake in the form of butter ghee etc could increase our weight.

Avoid coffee and tea:
In the winter season, most of us would drink beverages like hot tea or coffee and these would keep us warm and active in the cold weather. When these are consumed with excess sugar and whole milk then there are more chances of us gaining weight. It would be good if we restrict to just 2 to 3 cups of these hot beverages. Instead of normal coffee or tea, it would be good to drink herbal tea or black tea etc. Examples of herbal teas ate green teas, hibiscus tea, lemongrass tea etc. They would provide many health benefits for us.




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