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If you have these important signs, then it is certain that you have vitamin B12 deficiency!!


Posted on : 27/Oct/2021 9:51:04 AM

How many of us are aware of the fact that deficiency of vitamin B12 is one of the most common forms of deficiency in the world?

As per the statistical data, it is clear that 15% of the people are deficient in this vitamin. Our body functions from brain to the bones are regulated by an important nutrient, vitamin B12. This vitamin B12 keeps our blood cells and nerves healthy. There are certain foods that could provide the vitamin B12 that is required by the body. Foods such as milk, yoghurt, cheese plus sea foods, eggs etc could provide us with vitamin B12 as our bodies do not produce this vitamin.

There are some signs that would reveal the deficiency of vitamin B12 in us. These are

Change in tongue texture:
Those who are having vitamin B12 deficiency could lose out on papillae that are present on the tongue surface. It is known that papillae are tiny taste bud bumps. The person would have a sore tongue and would experience a change in taste or they might feel a different taste also. Persons could also have swollen inflamed tongues and he or she could have burning sensations.

Pins and needles like painful sensation:
Controlling nerve function plus helping in the production of RBC is an important function of vitamin B12.  The person might experience deterioration in the nerve cells when he or she lacks this vitamin. This could result in nervous issues. The person could have pins and needle-like sensations on hands, legs etc. There are also chances of nerves in the spinal cord getting affected and the person could get dizziness, wobbly sensations etc.

Difficulty in remembering, unusual memory loss:
This is one important sign of vitamin B12 deficiency and is often confused with mental ailments. Point is that vitamin B12 would control nerve function and this could lead to issues in brain health and functioning. It must be noted that any damage to the nerves in the brain could result in memory loss, confusion etc.

More anxiety and low mood:
Mental balance in us could be disturbed due to the deficiency or very low levels of vitamin B12. It could lead to depression and high anxiety in the person. Production of neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain could be regulated by vitamin B12. The examples of these chemicals are dopamine, serotonin etc. It is said that whenever a person experiences stress without any reason then he or she might have low vitamin B12 levels in them.

Increased heart rate and breathing issues:
This could also be a sign of the deficiency of vitamin B12. The heart rate would increase due to the deficiency to make up for the lost RBC levels. The person would have issues in breathing. 




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