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Do you know these early signs of liver damage from excess intake of alcohol, take care


Posted on : 26/Oct/2021 9:49:56 AM

Consuming alcohol is highly dangerous and it would harm the health and inspite of this fact many people drink alcohol because they have become addicted to it. 

One important organ or part that gets affected badly due to intake of alcohol is the liver. Truth is that excess intake of alcohol could lead to incurable liver damage and our overall health would get affected. 

The surprising fact about the liver is that it is the largest solid organ in the body. Liver plays a huge role in the metabolism of the body plus in the immune system. It would be very difficult for a person to survive if his or her liver gets damaged. It must be noted that the liver has 2 main lobes or portions and each lobe is further divided into 8 segments.

Moderate alcohol intake might not affect the liver badly. Or it would not lead to alcohol related liver disease or ARLD. Information is that alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis are the main health conditions that could affect the liver when we consume excess alcohol. When the liver cannot function properly then our body would lose its filtration system.

There are few early signs of liver damage and these are

Feeling fatigue:
One of the most important early signs of liver damage is having fatigue. Liver could get affected due to virus or excess alcohol intake etc but feeling weak and fatigued is a common sign. Fatigue could be for a long time and it could lead to severe complications. So, please be careful about this sign.

Loss of appetite:
Those who drink excess alcohol would have reduced appetite. This could lead to nausea and being less energetic etc. It must be noted that due to lack of minerals and nutrients in the body liver cell damage could happen.

Alcoholic hepatitis could lead to nausea and vomiting. The person would also have abdominal tenderness and discomfort etc.  There are also possibilities to get low grade fever and overall feeling of being unwell.

Loss of weight without reason:
Many try different ways to lose their weight. Those who consume excess alcohol could lose their weight due to reduced appetite. This could be another important early sign. It is necessary to be healthy and not to be obese to keep away the liver issues. Truth is that drastic changes in body weight and appearance could reveal something more dangerous.

Swelling of liver:
The liver would get swollen and inflamed when a person drinks excess alcohol. It is said that liver swelliling is a common symptom for those who suffer from liver damage due to excess alcohol intake. It could lead to scarring resulting in liver cirrhosis which is the final stage of liver disease.




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