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By these ways, we can speed up our metabolism effectively


Posted on : 25/Oct/2021 9:45:43 AM

What all we eat and drink daily would get converted into energy by the body and this process is called metabolism. In other words, metabolism is a chemical reaction that takes place in the body.

Many times, the terms like metabolic rate and metabolism have been used interchangeably. Point is that the metabolic rate determines the number of calories the body would burn whereas metabolism would play a huge role in keeping everything in balance. Examples are keeping blood sugar in balance, cholesterol levels, BP, triglyceride levels etc.

We could lose excess weight at a fast rate when the metabolic rate is high as we would automatically burn more calories. To speed up the metabolism, it is important that we must make these lifestyle changes.

Various ways to speed up our metabolism effectively are

By consuming more protein and fibre foods:
By the intake of these, we would be able to build muscles plus we would feel full for a longer duration of time. Hence, it is essential to include these foods without fail for boosting the metabolism and increasing weight loss process.

By hydrating:
Staying hydrated is very important for us and we must drink atleast 8 glasses of water every day. It is true that without water our body would not be able to do its functions properly. It would be superb to add vegetable juices, coconut water etc.

By doing workouts:
The sedentary lifestyle would lead to many health issues and would reduce the lifespan of a person. By doing work outs regularly, we could prevent the metabolism from slowing down. The metabolic rare in healthy persons would increase by doing strength training.

By sleeping well:
For our overall health to be good, it is important that we sleep well. Therefore, it is necessary that we must sleep for atleast 6 hours daily. There are chances that we might get various health issues when we sleep for less than 6 hours of time.

By including spicy foods:
Metabolism could become better when we eat spicy foods. Truth is that capsaicin present in pepper could help us burn 10 more calories per meal.

By consuming enough vitamin B:
This is also one important way to speed up our metabolism. It must be noted that vitamins play an important role in the metabolic rate. It is essential that we must consume vitamin B foods like bananas, baked potatoes, beans, peanut butter etc.

By reducing stress:s:
We get stressed due to various reasons these days. This stress could affect our health and we must try various ways to come out of stress. It is worth mentioning that during stress more cortisol or stress hormone is produced and this could lead to disordered eating and finally it could disrupt metabolism.




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