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Men must eat these foods compulsorily for treating their erectile dysfunction issue


Posted on : 16/Oct/2021 9:47:31 AM


A serious medical issue in males is ED or erectile dysfunction. Men feel shy to discuss this issue with others. Truth is that sometimes they avoid going to the doctor for treatment. Also called impotence, erectile dysfunction is a condition where the penis fails to remain erect during sexual activity. Various physical reasons for erectile dysfunction issues in men are cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurological issues etc. It is believed that 10% of erectile dysfunction is psychological impotence due to thoughts or feelings etc.

These foods must be consumed by those with erectile dysfunction issues in them.

Intake of spinach:
It is revealed that spinach rich in folates would help men with ED issues. Truth is that folic acid plays a huge role in the sexual function of men. Those with low amounts of folic acid might have this ED issue in them.

Intake of water melons:
The amino acid Citrulline present in water melons could relax and dilate the blood vessels and it could treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is well known that watermelon is a summer fruit that is consumed by many.

Intake of oatmeal:
By eating oatmeal, the flow of blood to penis gets better and sexual health would be good. The amino acid L-arginine present in oatmeal could treat ED plus it could also improve the testosterone levels in men.

Intake of dark chocolates:
Blood circulation would get better by consuming dark chocolates rich in flavonols. This blood circulation could treat erectile dysfunction. Various other benefits of dark chocolates intake are improved brain function, protect skin from sun, lowers heart disease risk etc.

Intake of nuts:
It has been proved by research studies that by consuming various nuts like pistachios, walnuts, almonds etc libido levels of a person would increase. This in turn would help in treating erectile dysfunction.

Intake of berries:
For our overall health to be good, it is important that we must consume berries. Point is that intake of berries could also help in treatment of erectile dysfunction in males.  It is known that berries are rich in flavonoids and they could reduce the incidence of erectile dysfunction.

Intake of pomegranate juice:
Research studies have shown that intake of pomegranate juice could help in treating erectile dysfunction issues in men. It is learnt that the antioxidants in this juice would increase the nitric oxide levels and this would improve erectile dysfunction.

Intake of avocado:
These green fruits have high levels of zinc in tem and intake of avocado would increase the testosterone levels in men.

Intake of bananas:
Rich in potassium, bananas have lots of flavonoids in them also. It is revealed that men who eat atleast 3 flavonoid foods per week have 10% less chances to get erectile dysfunction issues in them.

Intake of fishes:
The blood flow would be increased by consuming fishes having high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Fishes such as tuna, herring, salmon, mussels, swordfish etc have high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in them and consuming these fishes could treat the erectile dysfunction issue.
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