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Various benefits we could get by having combination of ghee and jaggery after meals


Posted on : 14/Oct/2021 10:09:27 AM


After eating meals, many of us crave to eat something that is sweet and we eat desserts etc. As a result, we eat high calorie sweet items without knowing the fact that these could harm our health. It would be superb if we eat something that is not only sweet for the taste buds but also good for our health.

One such is having the combination of ghee and jaggery after consuming meals. It is said that jaggery is a superb food for the winter season due to its immunity boosting nature. The combination of ghee and jaggery is both sweet to taste as well as healthy.

It is known that traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar is jaggery. The surprising piece of information is that Jaggery is made from both cane sugar and date palms. Truth is that 70% of jaggery production takes place in India. The 3 step process that is used in the production of jiggery is extraction, clarification and concentration.

It must be noted that Ghee is a type of clarified butter and is made by boiling butter until all the water gets evaporated and milk solids get settled at the bottom. Information is that ghee is used mostly in countries like India, Nepal and Pakistan etc. To prevent butter from getting spoiled in the winter season, ghee was created is known to us.

Various health benefits of eating jaggery and ghee after meals are

Immunity gets boosted:
It is believed that the combination of jaggery and ghee when consumed after lunch or meals could boost our immunity. By this, we could avoid many diseases and infections affecting us.

Detoxifies body:
Truth is that the amazing combination of ghee and jaggery after meals could detoxify our body. Toxic and harmful substances are removed from the body by detoxification. This could increase our energy levels plus improves liver health, improves mental clarity etc.

Good for hairs, skin etc:
The combination of ghee and jaggery could keep our hairs, nails and skin healthy.  By this hair loss would get reduced etc.

Nutritional content:
It must be noted that jaggery is rich in iron plus minerals such as potassium, calcium, selenium, manganese, zinc etc. Intake of all these would add high nutritional content to the food.

Constipation relief:
It is revealed that the combination of ghee and jaggery after meals could provide relief from constipation issues. By adding a teaspoon of this combination we could have good digestion.
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