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Are you aware of these diseases that are caused due to vitamin C deficiency!!


Posted on : 12/Oct/2021 9:40:48 AM

It is important that the food we consume must be balanced and wholesome. For a healthy body, intake of nutrients and minerals are very essential. Truth is that for healthy functioning of our body, vitamin C plays a huge role. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen plus it also does superbly in bone development, health of blood vessels and healing of wounds etc. It is also known as ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C deficiency in us could lead to several diseases in us and they are

Deficiency of vitamin C could lead to scurvy in us. Various symptoms that are associated with scurvy are bruising, gum bleeding, weakness, fatigue etc. There are also few warning signs like unexplained tiredness, reduced appetite, irritability etc.

It is known that vitamin C and various nutrients play an important role in thyroid health. Fact is that prolonged deficiency of vitamin C could lead to excess hormone secretion from the thyroid glands. This could lead to hyperthyroidism. Various symptoms of hyperthyroidism are heart palpitations, unintentional weight loss, increased appetite, nervousness etc.

It is worthy to mention that vitamin C would help in the iron absorption and this would prevent diseases like anaemia. A person who is anaemic would have reduced the number of red blood cells in them. Various symptoms of anaemia are fatigue, paleness, shortness of breath, dizziness etc.

Bleeding gums:
Our teeth would get strength from vitamin C and gums would get protected. Hence, deficiency of this vitamin could lead to gum bleeding and gum disease.

Skin diseases:
For maintaining our skin health, vitamin C plays an important role. It helps in the formation of collagen. It is known that collagen is a protein that is found in connective tissues like nails, skin, hairs, joints etc. Deficiency of vitamin C could lead to skin lesions in us.

Treatment for vitamin C deficiency:
It is essential that we must take vitamin C supplements and vitamin C rich foods to treat the deficiency of vitamin C. Therefore, a person with deficiency in vitamin C must eat vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green/red peppers, sweet/white potatoes, tomatoes etc.




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