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4 processes to reduce waist pain during pregnancy!


Posted on : 11/Oct/2021 6:10:51 PM

It is common for pregnant women to be affected with pain in the waist now and then. This can be checked and controlled by following a few procedures:

Around 30% - 35% of pregnant women experience these waist-pain related issues.

As the delivery period nears, the severity of the waist pain also increases!

This can be reduced by certain physical exercises and some treatments.

However, it is rather difficult to do physical exercises and other procedures during pregnancy!  They may be risky as well!  However, by following certain simpler procedures, the pain in the waist can be checked and bt=rought under control.

Pregnant women can do exercises with this ‘exercise ball!  This will gill give the feeling of a massage on the back and the waist! It will reduce the tension on the tissues thereby reducing the pain in the waist as well! It is important to keep the body in proper positions while undertaking the exercise on the ‘exercise ball’!One MUST not undertake the exercise in wrong physical postures or hold the ball rather loosely for it to slip off!

Note it is better to consult the doctor and then undertake this exercise with a physical trainer.

Warm water bath: 
Taking a bath in lukewarm water and gentle body massage with a cloth damped in warm water, Massaging with a warm cloth will reduce the tension in the tissues and enhance uniform and balanced blood circulation in the body. This will also reduce the stiffness in the joints and give relief! One may also use ‘hot pad.

Using ‘Pregnancy Pillow’: 
There is a special pillow – known as ‘pregnancy pillow’ available which is meant for exclusive use during pregnancy! This would greatly relieve the waist pain. As they are shaped perfectly to suit the body contour, they would certainly provide relief to the tense tissues and soothe the pain. This pregnancy pillow has been specially created for providing comfort to the growing child in the womb as well as the pregnant woman.

Generally, most pregnant women experience waist pain mainly due to wrong body postures and the wrong body postures while sleeping. However, using this ‘pregnancy pillow’ this problem can be overcome. Thus, these ‘pregnancy pillows’ do play an important role in reducing waist pain and proving relief!

Massage: Giving massage to the lower back and the waist can also help reduce the pain! A word of caution here – applying wrong pressure on the body or applying extra pressure MAY HARM THE C CHILD IN THE WOMB! so, undertake massages only after due medical consultation!

The reason for the waist pain
As the weight of the fetus in the womb increases, it affects some activities such as hormone production. This may lead to pain in the waist! Norte that this may affect both the physical and mental health! Generally, pregnant women encounter pain in the tissue fibres during the 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy.

There may be other reasons such as the increase in body weight, hormones being affected, wrong body posture while sleeping, etc., which can lead to waist pain during pregnancy!





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