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Please be careful about these health issues if you urinate often!!


Posted on : 11/Oct/2021 9:56:18 AM

When we are in an important work or when we are travelling etc, then frequent urge to visit bathrooms could be highly irritating!!

It is believed that the need to urinate could be due to various factors. Truth is that some factors are manageable whereas the others cannot be managed. It is known that urination refers to the release of urine from the urinary bladder through urethra.

The frequent visits to bathrooms for urinating could be due to these health issues.

UTI or urinary tract infections:
Urinary tract consists of kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra etc and infection in this tract is known as urinary tract infection or UTI. Point here is that UTI occurs when the defences of the urinary tract are taken over by microbes like bacteria etc. Various symptoms of UTIs are frequent urge to urinate, painful and burning sensation while urinating, abdominal pain etc.

Type-1 and type-2 diabetes could lead to frequent urination also. In those persons with uncontrolled diabetes or high blood sugar levels, fluids would pass from kidneys to the outside in the form of urine. As a result, the person would have excess thirst, hunger, weight loss, fatigue, vision issues etc.

Those with overactive thyroid issues or hyperthyroidism would urinate frequently. Various other symptoms are loss of weight plus irregular heart rhythm, insomnia, hair loss etc.

Enlarged prostate gland:
There are some persons with enlarged prostate glands in them. These persons would have a frequent urge to urinate. It must be taken into account that the prostate gland is a small organ that produces fluid that enriches semen.

Nerves that regulate the functioning of the urinary bladder would get damaged due to strokes. We would urinate frequently as the nerves would not be able to send proper signals to the urinary bladder.

Kidney or urinary bladder stones issue:
Hard and solid clusters that could form inside the organs are kidney and urinary bladder stones. These stones could irritate the bladder when they become large. It is learnt that small kidney stones might travel to the bladder through ureters and could become bladder stones if not treated. This could result in frequent urinations etc. The person would feel uncomfortable and would have severe abdominal pain.

Anxiety issues:
Having a frequent urge to pass urine could also be due to anxiety. It is worthy to note t that anxiety could lead to muscle tension and this would affect the muscles of the urinary bladder resulting in frequent urge to pass urine.




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