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Men above 40 must never forget to do these important checkups for the sake of their health!!


Posted on : 08/Oct/2021 9:57:29 AM

After a certain age it is not only women who have a risk of getting several health issues but also men!!

It must be noted that when men cross the age of 40 there are more chances of them getting health issues like BP, diabetes, heart diseases etc when compared to women.

Therefore, every man above the age of 40 must contact a doctor and must have a complete body check up. By doing this, men would have knowledge about their health and would be able to keep serious health issues at bay.

Various health checkups that every male must do for the sake of their health are

Blood pressure or BP checkups:

Blood pressure increase is a common health issue now. Men must have their blood pressure levels checked and by doing this they could avoid heart issues.

Cholesterol levels checkups:

Men above the age of 40 must check their cholesterol levels every 3 years. Point is that cholesterol levels could change due to additional health issues present. By managing cholesterol levels, men would be able to avoid heart attacks etc in them.

Blood sugar levels or diabetes checkups:

It is believed that men have greater risk of getting diabetes issues from a younger age itself. Therefore, if a male has got a family history of diabetes plus obese with high Bp must check for blood sugar levels compulsorily

Sexually transmitted diseases or STD checkups:

For men to lead a healthy life, it is important that their sexual health is good. Many men avoid sexual health due to absence of awareness and later find it difficult. Men must undergo tests for STD.

Regular eye checkups:

After 40 years, men must get their eyes checked every year. The eyesight could get affected due to constant use of electronic gadgets etc. Men must not ignore signs of blurry vision, swellings etc.

Prostate cancer checkups:

Prostate cancer risk gets doubled for men above the age of 60. It is necessary to get it screened for proper diagnosis and treatment. To monitor prostate issues, men would be asked to monitor DRE or digital rectal exam and PSA or prostate specific antigen blood test.

Bone health checkups:

This test is very important and it would measure bone mass in men. Point is that good bone mineral density would help in avoiding osteoporosis issues in old age.

Dental checkups:

Men must not only give importance to their physical health issues but they must also give importance to their dental health issues. To rule out mouth cancer, following proper oral hygiene is a must. By this, men would be able to tackle infections like cold sores, gum diseases etc. By taking good care, then the quality of life would become better. 




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