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Every woman must know about these early warning signs of thyroid!!


Posted on : 07/Oct/2021 5:04:17 PM


Do you know 1out of 8 women in the world have thyroid issues in them? Shocking isnt it!!

The thyroid gland is a hormone regulator that is located in the front of the neck. Improper functioning of the thyroid gland could be a serious issue for women. The shocking truth is that 60 percent of women who have thyroid issues are unaware of the symptoms that are associated with this issue.

Point to be noted is that the thyroid gland produces important hormones such as T3 or triiodothyronine, T4 or thyroxine and these hormones would regulate weight loss, metabolism, energy for skin maintenance, hair health etc. Another hormone TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone could instruct thyroid to produce more of T3 and T4. Fluctuation of hormones could lead to a range of signs or symptoms in women.

Women must be careful about these early warning signs of thyroid.

Unexplained weight loss or gain:
It is true that thyroid glands have a huge impact on our metabolism and this would keep control of our weights. Weight loss could be due to many factors. Point is that any sudden or unexplained weight loss could be due to improper functioning of thyroid glands. Women could gain weight due to low thyroid levels and could lose weight due to high thyroid levels.

Darkening of skin folds around neck:
This is also one important early warning sign of thyroid in women. Hormonal flare ups could lead to darkening of skin around the neck portion. This could become more due to thyroid disorder. It is important to get tested for thyroid soon if a woman notices this sign.

Fatigue and weakness:
Many women think that fatigue and feeling tired could be due to their ageing process and daily stress etc. Truth is that fatigue and weakness could be due to an underlying thyroid also. Underactive thyroid gland could lead to metabolic slow down and it could lead to tiredness etc. Women would have energy loss if they have an overactive thyroid gland. These women could also get heart palpitations, muscle weakness etc in them.

Difficulty in sleeping:
It is worthy to note that thyroid dysfunction could lead to sleeping problems in women. They would be tossing and turning in the nights without proper sleep leading to daytime sleepiness.  It is believed that an overactive thyroid gland could lead to mood swings, nervousness, muscle weakness etc and would lead to difficulty in sleeping. Truth is that under active thyroid gland could also lead to poor quality sleep, delayed or prolonged sleep onset etc.

Anxiety, nervousness, brain fog etc:
Women with thyroid issues have more risisk of experiencing anxiety issues, nervousness, tremors, irritability, mood swings etc. Women could also get brain fog problems due to thyroid disorder. Memory loss, reduced concentration levels and less energy to do daily tasks etc could be due to hypothyroidism.

Menstrual irregularities:
It is often said that issues in the menstrual cycle could be due to PCOS issues. Women with thyroid problems could also have menstrual irregularities. The thyroid gland directly controls the reproductive system is a well known fact.
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