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Our legs could reveal the presence of high cholesterol levels, heart diseases etc


Posted on : 05/Oct/2021 9:52:25 AM

We could get multiple health issues due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Many of us have high cholesterol levels due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Truth is that this could further lead to heart attacks and strokes etc.

Hence it is important that we must not ignore the presence of high cholesterol levels in us. Waxy, fat-like substance produced by the liver is cholesterol. It must be noted that Cholesterol plays a role in the formation of cell membranes, balancing hormones etc. Lipoproteins are a particle that transfers cholesterol to various parts of our body because of the fact that cholesterol is water insoluble. It is not possible for us to know the high cholesterol levels in us unless we get tested as there would be no symptoms.

High cholesterol levels in us are indicated in our legs in these ways.

Severe pain in the legs:
Sufficient amounts of oxygen rich blood might not reach legs when arteries in the legs get clogged. By this, our legs would feel heavy and tired. It must be noted that those with high cholesterol levels would have severe pain in their lower limbs. So, please take care.

Intense leg cramps:
This is also one important sign in the legs that could indicate high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels could damage the arteries of lower limbs and we could get intense cramps while sleeping. These cramps occur mostly on heels, toes etc. By sitting or dangling the foot off the bed could provide relief.

Nail and skin colour change:
The colour of toenails and skin could change if there is a decrease in the blood flow in the legs. The decreased flow of blood carrying nutrients and oxygen could lead to improper cell nourishment. Point is that skin nails would get shiny and tight and toe nails would thicken and grow slowly.

Having cold feet always:
When the feet are cold during the winter season, then it is normal and there is no need to worry. Those with high cholesterol levels would have cold feet throughout the year and this is serious and people must never ignore this.




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