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Say goodbye to these frequently consumed salt based foods that could increase hypertension


Posted on : 29/Sep/2021 9:43:58 AM

To keep the heart healthy, we must eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, animal proteins etc. Truth is that many of us eat foods that are unhealthy and due to this the heart health gets affected.

High blood pressure or BP or Hypertension is one common health issue that the majority of us have nowadays. When BP in our arteries is persistently elevated, then we could get hypertension. Various symptoms associated with hypertension or high blood pressure- severe headaches, nose bleedings, chest pain, vision issues, irregular heartbeats etc.

When this issue is left untreated, then we might get heart attacks, strokes etc and these could create more issues for us. Hypertension in us could be due to high sodium intake, genes and stress etc.

It is possible for a person to eliminate hypertension when he or she minimises the intake of trans- fats, processed red meats, sugary drinks and refined carbohydrates etc. It is revealed that 2300 mg or less of sodium per day is okay for a person and when sodium is taken in excess amounts it could lead to hypertension. Point is that we could avoid hypertension by increasing physical activity, quitting smoking, quitting alcohol intake etc.

It is possible to avoid hypertension by eliminating these salt based foods.

Avoid breads and rolls:
Many of us eat bread throughout the day also. It must be noted that breads have salt in them and by over consuming salt we could get hypertension issues.

Avoid pizza:
Many of us eat pizzas frequently and this food has become a favourite for many. Truth is that a slice of pepperoni pizza could have a third of our daily recommended sodium. Therefore, we must avoid eating pizza frequently.

Avoid sandwiches:
Not many of us know that a sandwich could contain more than 100 percent of daily suggested dietary sodium. It is good to eat half a sandwich with side salad.

Avoid cold cuts and cured meats:
It must be taken into note that one 2oz serving or 6 thin slices of deli meat can have a third of daily recommended sodium. So, please be careful.

Avoid soup:
One cup of canned soup would have 49 mg to 830mg or a third of daily recommended sodium. There are also lower sodium soups and they could be consumed.

Avoid tacos and burritos:
Sodium is present in excess in tacos tappings and in burrito fillings etc. Therefore, we must choose tacos and burritos that are fullll of vegetables and lean proteins.




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