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Women struggling with PCOD issue could lose their excess weight by following these tips


Posted on : 28/Sep/2021 5:47:43 PM

These days, many women get affected by PCOD or polycystic ovarian disorder and they put on lot of weight. The studies reveal that 20% of Indian women suffer from PCOD issue. Truth is that women find it very difficult to lose excess weight when they have PCOD issue. This issue must be diagnosed well on time or else it could lead to further serious issues.

The hormonal imbalance could lead to PCOD in women and it would lead to metabolic dysfunction. By this, women would lose her ability to lose her excess weight. It is important to mention that PCOS is an inflammatory condition that could result in polycystic ovaries, irregular periods, excess hairs, obesity and fertility based problems etc. There are more chances for a woman with PCOS to develop type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc also. Women with this issue find it tough to lose their weight. The important piece of information is that shedding even 5% of unwanted body fat could improve the symptoms of PCOD.

By following these important tips, it would be possible for a woman with PCOD to lose her excess weight.

By reducing the intake of refined sugars and carbohydrates:
Insulin levels would get affected by consuming carbohydrates. For balancing sugar levels, a woman must balance her insulin levels.  It is important for a woman with PCOS to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and refined sugars. Consuming white bread, pasta etc would increase or reduce the blood sugar levels very quick. Women with PCOS must eat vegetables, whole grains, raw fruits etc to keep themselves full and reduce their cravings. By this, their excess weight would come down.

By eating right amounts of proteins:
Women with PCOS must eat fats and proteins for satiety. Blood sugar levels would get stabilised and hunger hormones would get satisfied. By eating a diet rich in proteins, it would be possible to reduce cravings, boost metabolism and finally burn calories. Few examples of good proteins a woman with PCOS can eat are almonds, eggs, Greek Yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, lentils etc. So, please take care.

By increasing fibre intake:
Those women with PCOD must eat foods rich in fibres compulsorily. It is believed that high fibre foods would manage insulin levels and risk of type-2 diabetes would get lowered. It would be superb for women with PCOD to eat fibre rich foods like oats, chia seeds, beans, fruits etc.

By doing exercises:
The women with PCOD must do exercises like yoga, swimming, cycling etc and be physically active. By these exercises, not only physical health would get better but also the mental health of the women too.

By having proper sleep:
For balancing hormones, it is necessary to sleep well. Body tissues would get repaired when we sleep well at night. This would lead to mental well being also. It is learnt that sleep deprivation in women with PCOD would have mood swings and hormonal imbalances etc. It is essential to sleep for 6 to 7 hours at night.




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