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Some Food items that provide energy for those who are on diet on weight reduction programme!


Posted on : 28/Sep/2021 2:41:46 PM

The quantum of diet food consumed while on a slimming programme (bodyweight reduction) must be lesser. This would cause a reduction in the quantum of fat in the body! At the same time, one MUST not skip the food as well!

If some valid restrictions are taken in the eating the quantum of fat in the body will reduce. Apart from the food restriction and exercising, certain other techniques are to be adopted in the programme to reduce the bodyweight!

Here are some food items which provide energy for those under bodyweight reduction programmes:

Most tending to believe that excess quantum of food consumed will lead to a paunch in the belly! But this is WRONG!

If one tends to skip eating sessions for the sake of reducing body weight, one will lose the body water content and become slimmer, but the weight wont reduce!

NOTE BODY WATER CONTENT IS ESSENTIAL! So, continue to take the quantum of food! Do not skip!

Generally, one must take food items rich in nutrients daily!

Especially, intake of food items rich in Potassium helps reduce the excess body weight!

Do regular physical exercises to reduce body weight!  Note it is essential to take food items rich in Potassium!

Here are the details of Potassium-rich food items:

As it checks the feeling of hunger, banana is one of the most recommended food for those interested in reducing body weight!

Further, daily intake of bananas greatly enhances the digestion system!

Sweet potatoes are rich in countless nutrients! As such, sweet potatoes are one of the food items for those who undertake weight reduction programmes!

Beans are rich in most ingredients that help bodyweight reduction! Intake of beans, rich in protein and fibre, helps check the feeling of hunger for a long while! This leads to keeping the body weight under check!

Generally, while undertaking a bodyweight reduction programme, a good hydration level is very essential! Intake of tender coconut is of great value in this aspect!

Greens are rich in Potassium! Hence, citizens undertaking bodyweight reduction programmes MUST include any of the greens daily!

Oats, rich in both fibre and protein, keeps hunger r away for longer durations! Half-a-cup of oats has only 148 calories! It is full of fibre! So, when a person under bodyweight reduction programme includes oats as a diet, it gives that feeling of fullness and also limits the quantum of food consumed!

Soups also give the feeling of fullness in the stomach!

As per the research, drinking soup sometime before the meals session helps reduce the intake of calories!  It also tends to curb the feeling of hunger. Apart from this, as soups are rich in nutrients, they enhance the body health and skill!

Eggs are rich in protein! A single egg has 6 grams of protein and 72 calories. As eggs are rich in nutrients, it keeps the stomach full for longer hours!  As per research,  intake of eggs in the morning gives the feeling of fullness in the stomach and keeps the feeling of hunger away!




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