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The fabulous benefits of consuming skin or peel of these fruits and vegetables could surprise many!!


Posted on : 24/Sep/2021 9:27:38 AM

Do you eat the peels of fruits and vegetables?

Majority of us eat the fruit part and throw away the skin or peels thinking that fruits could only provide us with health benefits. The sensational point is that peel also has many health benefits.

It must be taken into note that peels of the fruit are rich in dietary fibres, flavonoids plus minerals and vitamins etc. The studies have confirmed that when compared to the pulp of the fruit the peel or skin of fruits like apples, mangoes and lemons etc have nearly 15 percent phenolic compounds. Truth is that all the peels are not edible and must not be consumed for health sake.

The skin or peels of these fruits/ vegetables are amazing for health.

Consuming orange peel:
The peels of oranges are rich in fibre, flavonoids, phenolic acids etc and intake of the peels is very important. The peels have anti-inflammatory plus antioxidant, anti-diabetic properties etc.

Consuming apple peel:
There are many antioxidant compounds like catechin, chlorogenic acid, quercetin etc in the peel or skin of apples. It is revealed that apples when eaten along with their peels could help us to avoid chronic and inflammatory diseases etc.

Consuming lemon peel:
Kids and adolescents with obesity issues could have a positive effect when they eat lemon peel. The heart diseases plus diabetes risk would be reduced in them.  The high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of lemon peel could be due to the presence of vitamin c in the peels. Cell inflammation plus cell dysfunction would get reduced and there would be changes in cell functions related to obesity.

Consuming banana peel:
Not many of us know that the peel of banana has got both soluble and insoluble fibres such as pectin, lignin and cellulose etc. Truth is that these could improve gastrointestinal health. We could avoid many diseases by eating banana peel rich in phenolic acids, carotenoids etc

Consuming pomegranate peel:
When compared to the seeds and arils of the fruits, the peel or skin of this fruit has got antioxidants like phenolic acids, anthocyanins etc. It is worthy to mention that the peel has anti-cancer, anti-neurodegenerative properties etc.

Consuming brinjal peel:
The risk of getting metabolic syndrome or MS could be reduced if we consume peels of brinjal having anthocyanins. Metabolic syndrome includes issues like BP, diabetes, obesity etc.

Consuming potato peel:
The gallic acid and chlorogenic acid present in the peels of potato is responsible for the antioxidant property of potato peel. There are also terpenes, vitamin B, C etc in the potato peels. Intake of these peels could help us to avoid heart diseases, cancers etc. The wound healing and weight loss would be promoted.

Consuming tomato peel:
Fatty acids, carotenoids etc in the peel of tomato are responsible for the antioxidant property of tomato peels. Intake of tomato peels could prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce cancer risk etc

Consuming onion peel:
High amounts of quercetin, fibers etc are present in the peels of onions. We could avoid getting neurological, heart diseases etc by consuming onion peel.




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