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Misleading food labels - Please be careful about these foods that are faked as healthy foods!!


Posted on : 22/Sep/2021 6:02:20 PM

Our taste buds want different types of foods every time!!

Many of us eat various types of foods without even knowing whether the foods we eat are good for our health or not. There are times when we eat foods thinking that they are good for our health but actually these foods could harm our health. Point is that when we come to know about the true nature of these foods we would become sad and depressed.

We could be tricked into consuming wrong foods and this could be due to the misleading food labels. There are many foods that are wrongly labelled as healthy but actually they are not. The outcome of our diet plan is decided by the choices of foods we consume.

There are few unhealthy foods that are faked as healthy foods and these are

Fruit juices:
It is a fact that fruits are amazing for our health. It is assumed by us that the juices or liquids squeezed from these fruits would also be healthy. This is wrong and people must know that commercially produced fruit juices are bad for their health. Please take care.

Packaged breakfast cereals:
The ease of preparation and alleged health benefits has made packaged cereals and granolas a highly popular breakfast. The shocking piece of information is that these have high amounts of calories and sugars and consuming them could result in weight gain.

Protein bars:
It is known that to fulfil the daily protein requirements of a person protein bars are produced. Intake of protein is good for our health. Not many of us know that flavoured energy and protein bars are full of sugars, trans- fats and calories and by consuming these protein bars frequently the body would be harmed badly.

Fat free foods:
Many of us buy fat free foods such as dairy products, snacks, cereals etc thinking that these are free from fats. Truth is that these foods have sodium, flavours, sugars, and fats and intake of these foods could be dangerous for our health.

Salad dressings:
In almost every salad recipe, dressings are a very important ingredient and they enhance the flavour. It must be taken into note that in the markets low sodium, low fat and low sugar salads are available. Truth is that commercial salad dressings have sodium, sugars, fats plus various harmful substances and intake of these for a long time could harm the health. So, please be careful.




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