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Health issues we could get by eating these important vegetables!!


Posted on : 21/Sep/2021 9:50:45 AM

How would you react if you are told that by eating vegetables you could get health issues? Shocked isnt it!!

It is often said that a diet that is rich in vegetables could be beneficial to both physical as well as the mental health of a person. Vegetables could provide us with various health benefits such as reducing BP levels, reducing chances of strokes and heart attacks, preventing cancers etc. By eating different types of veggies, we could get different nutrients that are needed for our body. It is advised not to eat too many vegetables.

There are also some side effects of eating these vegetables in excess.

Cauliflower intake:
It is one of the highly popular vegetables and it has vitamins C and K. Not many know that when cauliflower is eaten in excess then it could lead to increased bloating and flatulence etc.

Bitter gourd intake:
Various antioxidants, flavonoids etc are present in the bitter gourd or Karela. Intake of this vegetable could reduce the inflammation in us. It is worthy to mention that when consumed in excess it could lead to liver toxicity and the functioning of the liver would get affected.

Spinach intake:
It is known that spinach has got vitamin K plus iron, fibres etc. Consuming spinach is good for eyes, bones etc. When this vegetable is eaten in excess amount by a person with gout issue, then the person could get joint pain, swelling etc. Please be careful.

Fenugreek leaves intake:
Fenugreek leaves have zinc, folic acid etc and intake of fenugreek leaves could help us to fight many infections plus it could also be good for hairs, digestion etc. Most of us do not know that the fenugreek leaves intake could also lead to diarrhoea, nausea and digestive tract issues.

Drumstick intake:
By eating drumsticks, our BP could get regulated plus our immunity would get boosted etc. The presence of vitamins and minerals in drumsticks is superb for us. Point to be noted is that excess intake of drumsticks could lead to lowering of blood pressure. Uterine contractions would occur in pregnant women if bark is consumed by them.

Plantain Stem or flower intake:
People with kidney stones issue could benefit by eating plantain stems that are fibrous, low in calories etc. In a few persons, consumption of plantain stem or flowers could lead to diarrhoea also.

Bottle gourd intake:
This vegetable is full of vitamin C and calcium and intake of bottle gourd cocould help our heart health.  The bad cholesterol levels in us would be lowered. Bottle gourd juice intake could lead to issues like abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea etc.

Cabbage intake:
It must be noted that cabbages have lots of vitamins like C, K, B6 etc plus fibres, folic acid etc. The intake of cabbage could break free radicals before these free radicals could affect the body. Shocking fact is that persons with diabetes should not eat cabbage as it could increase the blood sugar levels and could worsen the condition. Please be careful.




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