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Be careful!! - If you have these signs, then it is confirmed that you have gone out of shape!!


Posted on : 20/Sep/2021 9:28:53 AM

From March 2020 onwards, the majority of the people have become a little lazy due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, they have stopped doing exercises etc and have been leading sedentary lifestyles. Truth is that only some are doing exercises etc regularly to keep themselves in good shape. Those who have become little obese or gone out of shape must try to get back on track again.

A positive change could be felt both in the mind as well in the body by eating healthy foods, doing exercises etc. Identifying oneself regarding whether change is needed or not is very important

These below signs would reveal that a person has gone out of shape.

Being breathless at slightest movement:
This is one important sign that would show that the person has gone out of shape. A fit and healthy person would not feel breathless. The seriousness of this issue must be understood by the person. The person must get back on track to be more active.

High heart rate while resting:
It must be noted that while at rest our heart beat would be low and when we move it would be high. Those who have gone out of shape would show high heart rate even when they are resting. The high heart rate could be due to various factors like anxiety, dehydration, poor sleep etc. So please take care.

More injury prone:
A person could get more injuries if he or she has gone out of shape. The person would have frequent back pain, neck and shoulder pain etc. The pain must not be ignored by the person and he or she must do exercises to prevent further damage.

Having sleepless nights:
Insufficient sleep could be due to various reasons like not exercising, unhealthy eating, stress etc. The body might not be getting the good things that are necessary. Truth is that the person would have chronic health issues later. Poor sleep could make a person put on excess weight and he or she would be out of shape.

Cravings for unhealthy food:
It is believed that the person would take to unhealthy foods when he or she is not active or in the sedentary lifestyle. The health would get harmed in the long run due to the cravings for unhealthy foods. Point is that an inactive lifestyle plus the urge to eat unhealthy foods could trigger Ghrelin. This hormone would make the person feel hungry. 




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