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If you have these medical issues then never eat papaya!!


Posted on : 15/Sep/2021 9:24:58 AM

We all love to eat papaya fruit that is rich in vitamins like A, B, C and E and minerals like potassium, magnesium etc. Mostly grown in tropical and subtropical regions, papaya intake could provide us with numerous health benefits. Point is that papaya is a tall herbaceous plant belonging to genus Carica and family Caricaceae..

It is amazing to mention here that apart from papaya fruit many of us also eat papaya seeds, papaya leaves, raw papaya, papaya oil etc as these are also highly beneficial for our health. Truth is that eating papaya could create few side effects for certain people and hence it is not safe for them to eat this amazing fruit.

Persons who must not consume papaya fruit are

Pregnant mothers:
It is worthy to mention that intake of papaya in ripe or semi ripe form could lead to abortion in pregnant woman. Latex that is present in the raw papayas could result in uterine contractions leading to miscarriage.

Persons with liver impairment:
It is revealed that those with liver impairment must not eat papayas as it could create issues in them. It must be noted that intake of papaya leaves could increase the levels of GGT, ALP and bilirubin enzymes that would reveal the active liver disease caused by haemorrhage and inflammation.

Persons with hypothyroidism:
It is believed that cyanogenic glycosides would not only affect the heart beat but it would also interfere with the iodine organification in the body. This would worsen the symptoms in those with hypothyroidism.

Persons with allergies:
Eating papaya could increase the condition in those who already have allergy issues.  It is learnt that papain present in papaya could cause allergic sensitisation in some persons and lead to allergic symptoms.

Persons with kidney stones:
There is an abundance of vitamin C in papaya fruit. It is known that vitamin C is a superb antioxidant and would improve the immunity levels etc. Not many know that too much of this vitamin could lead to the formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones or worsen the symptoms in those who already have kidney stone issues.

Persons with diarrhoeal issues:
Intake of papaya is good for the gastrointestinal health due to its laxative nature and fibre rich contents. Point is that excess laxative and fibre could have side effects on the stomach and it could lead to diarrhoea and bloating etc.

Persons with hypoglycemia:
Persons withth low sugar or hypoglycaemia must not eat papaya because it would reduce the glucose levels in them and lead to symptoms like confusion, rapid heartbeat etc. It must be taken into account that papaya has anti-hypoglycemic and glucose lowering effects and is beneficial for those with diabetic problems and not for those with low sugar levels.




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