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Nasal congestion in babies could be cured by these superb remedies


Posted on : 14/Sep/2021 9:28:00 AM

The issue of nasal congestion could affect anyone including the babies!!

Unlike grownups, babies wont be able to tell about the nasal congestion in them. Parents often find it difficult when a baby cries as they do not know the exact reason behind it. There are times when a baby would cry due to the nasal congestion also. It is worthy to mention here that the seasonal change could bring colds, flu along with nasal congestion among babies also. With nasal congestion, babies would be finding it difficult to breathe.

There are also factors that could result in nasal congestion in the babies. These are breathing in pollutants, dry air plus deviated septum, allergies etc. Truth is that congestion that would form deeper could lead to further issues like asthma, flu, pneumonia etc in the babies.

These are some remedies that could relieve nasal congestion in the babies and they are

Using nasal saline drops:
Parents can use nasal saline drops prescribed by the doctor any time for their babies. By this, the babies could get relief from the issue of nasal congestion.

Giving warm baths:
It is true that by giving warm baths babies could get some relief from the nasal congestion. Parents must give their babies warm water baths carefully.

By keeping pillow:
Draining out the mucus of the sinuses would be possible in babies when a thin pillow is kept under the mattress. This would make the head in a higher position when compared to legs.

By gentle massages:
Babies would become calm when parents massage them. It is believed that when parents massage the top ridge of the cheek bone of the baby then mucus would flow out.

By keeping humidifier:
Moisture in the air would get increased when a humidifier is present in the room. This would reduce the nasal congestion of the baby. Not only babies, even adults could benefit from humidifiers.

By giving steam:
It is revealed that by exposing the babies to morning sun then the babies would feel warm and comfortable. Parents should then give steam to their babies. By this, nasal congestion would be cleared in the babies.




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