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Say goodbye to your face and cheeks fat by following these superb tips!!


Posted on : 10/Sep/2021 9:13:43 AM

Losing weight from a particular part of the body is really tough!!

Many of us have excess fat on our face and cheeks and find it difficult to get rid of that fat. Truth is that this face and cheek fat is mainly due to weight gain. Factors like poor diet, lack of exercise, ageing and genetic conditions play a role in face fat formation. Those persons who have rounded and less pronounced facial features would show facial fats.

There are few ways to get rid of facial and cheek fats and they are

By doing facial exercises:

It is believed that facial exercises would improve facial appearance plus it would improve muscle strength and combat ageing etc. Facial exercises would tone our face muscles and by that our face would appear slimmer.

By doing cardio exercise:

One important reason for facial fat is due to weight gain. Hence, we must do cardio exercises to get rid of the face fat. It is good to do cardio exercise or aerobic exercise to lose the excess body weight as they promote burning of fats and slimming of the face.

By drinking more amount of water:

For the overall health to be good, it is essential to drink more water every day. Drinking water would make us feel full and help in weight loss. This would finally result in loss of facial fats. It is said that drinking water would reduce fluid retention and prevent bloating and face swelling.

By limiting intake of alcohol:

Not many know that drinking alcohol might increase the body weight as it is high in calories and low in nutrients. Alcohol induced bloating and weight gain could be controlled by keeping the intake of alcohol in check.

By reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates:

Our blood sugar levels would become more if we eat refined carbohydrates. This would result in excess eating and finally would make us put on weight. It is important to reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates like cookies, crackers etc to avoid facial fat.

By sleeping well:

For overall weight loss, it is important to sleep well. Truth is that sleep deprivation could lead to increase in cortisol levels and this would result in weight gain and facial fat.

By reducing sodium consumption:

Facial puffiness swelling would take place when we consume excess amounts of sodium. This would be due to fluid retention. Therefore, we must cut down the intake of processed foods that have excess sodium.




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