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Be Careful!! -These people must never eat guava fruit!!


Posted on : 06/Aug/2021 9:21:09 AM

Who doesnt like eating guava fruit?

Fact is that most of us would not have forgotten the joy of eating a plate full of guavas along with chaat masala atop.  Amrood is the name for guava in Hindi and in Tamil it is called koyya pazham.

It must be noted that guava is a green fruit having lots of health benefits.  Not many of us know that amrood chutneys, jams are also consumed by many. In- take of guava leaf is also good for your health. There are many ingredients present in guava fruit like vitamin C, carotene, antioxidants, potassium etc.

There are few people who must not eat guava fruit. They are

Those with bloating issues:
Truth is that guava is rich in vitamin C and fructose which would make it hard for the body to absorb too much vitamin C or fructose. This would lead to bloating. So please take care.

Those with irritable bowel syndrome or IBS:
The persons who have IBS issues must not consume guava. It is known that guava is good for digestion and it would ease constipation in us. Bitter truth is that going overboard with guava could disrupt our digestive system. This would be witnessed in those with IBS.

Those who are diabetic:
One guava fruit has 9gms of natural sugar. By consuming guava, there would be a definite spike in the blood sugar levels. Hence, diabetic persons must not eat guava fruit for the sake of their health.

Those who are prone to cold and cough:
It would be superb to eat guava fruit between meals. It is said that persons who are prone to cold and cough must not eat guava fruit as it could increase the problem.

Those with toothache issue:
Fact is that those persons with tooth ache must not eat guavas. Ripe amrood must be avoided totally.




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