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We could eat mindfully in these amazing ways!!


Posted on : 04/Aug/2021 9:17:14 AM

Eating mindfully is very important for our body weight and for our overall health to be good.

We must pay attention to the food we eat and by mindful eating a persons focus on the sensual awareness of the food. By mindful eating we would be able to appreciate life.

There are plenty of other benefits of eating mindfully and these are better digestion, feel full or satiety etc. It is possible that a person who does mindful eating could keep away from unhealthy habits around food and eating etc.

There are few steps to eat mindfully and these are

By keeping gaps between meals:
It must be noted that we must eat food in a 10 hour window and fast for the rest of the time. It is good to eat small, frequent meals in the window. Those with type-2 diabetes, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases could benefit from mindful eating. Maintaining an adequate gap between meals is a must.

By hydrating:
There are times when we feel we are hungry but actually it could be due to dehydration. It is worthy to note that we must consume a glass of water before consuming food and this would keep body systems chugging around.

By knowing the portions:
We must share the food if it is in huge amounts. By this, we could control the size of what we eat and extra calories could be avoided. It is important that we must choose the portions consciously.

By not concentrating on other things while eating;
When we eat we must focus our attention towards food and not on other things like gadgets etc. It is important to taste and feel the food while eating. Distractions like gadgets could lead to mindless eating. Bitter truth is that if our concentration is not on the food while eating then nutrient absorption would get affected.

By chewing food properly:
Many of us have the habit of swallowing food and this must be avoided. It is necessary to chew the food properly. Truth is that it would take 20 minutes for the brain to respond to an increase in the blood glucose levels to get the I am full message. It is believed that by chewing the food 20times our digestion would get better.

By enjoying the food:
Many of us eat foods in a worried state also and this must be avoided. It must be noted that the food has the ability to generate happiness and if it is consumed in a sad state then nutrient bioavailability gets affected.

By knowing what to buy:y:
Point to be noted is that we must be mindful of what we are buying. We must avoid buying processed foods, bakery products etc. We would not eat if we dont have the above said at our homes.




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