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Eating cornflakes for breakfast could be fantastic due to these reasons!!


Posted on : 02/Aug/2021 9:29:28 AM

Are you one amongst those who eat cornflakes for breakfast?

By toasting flakes of corn or maize, cornflakes are prepared and cornflakes are one important breakfast cereal. It is known that cornflakes are served cold or hot with milk and sometimes with sugar.

Various ingredients present in cornflakes are corn (90%), salt, sugar, barley malt extract, minerals like iron, vitamins like E, B6, niacin etc. When consumed, cornflakes could provide us with plenty of benefits.

Some superb health benefits of eating cornflakes for breakfast are

Good for weight loss:
Cornflakes with milk could help us in the weight loss process. It must be noted that cornflakes are not high in calories. By eating cornflakes for breakfast, we could feel full for a longer time as it is a filling food. It is believed that instead of adding sugar to cornflakes we could add freshly cut fruits for weight loss to be fast.

Cornflakes have minerals, vitamins, dietary fibres etc in them and therefore intake of cornflakes could make us healthy. It would fuel our body with nutrition.

Prevents constipation:
Intake of cornflakes for breakfast is good for the digestive system. This is mainly due to the high amounts of fibres that are present in them. We could avoid issues like constipation plus other digestive problems.

Low in cholesterol:
Fatty meals could increase our cholesterol levels and this could harm our heart health. By having cornflakes (having low cholesterol content for breakfast, the health of the heart could be maintained. Consuming cornflakes is good for those with heart diseases.

Protein rich food:
Intake of proteins is very important for us to be healthy. Our body would be active throughout the day if we eat protein rich foods like corn flakes etc. Intake of proteins could improve immunity, regulate hormones and repair body tissues etc.

Good for eye health:
Eyes are very important for us and our eye health would become better if we eat cornflakes having vitamins like A, B12, niacin etc.

In the production of new cells:
Pregnant mothers must eat cornflakes for breakfast without fail. New cells would be formed by eating cornflakes rich in folates. 




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