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Do you know that our tongue could indicate various health issues present in us?


Posted on : 28/Jul/2021 9:05:52 AM

Want to know about your health issues, then stand in front of a mirror and check out your tongue!!

It is true that our tongue could indicate various health issues present in us. If the tongue is pink in colour and covered with small nodules, then it indicates that the health is good. We must be worried when there is any deviation in our tongue from the normal appearance.

Various health issues that are indicated by the tongue are

Tongue with white coating and white spots:

A) Oral Thrush-This reveals the presence of oral thrush or yeast infection in us. Truth is that the oral thrush is found mostly in the infants and in the elders. It is also found in those with weak immune systems. It is worthy to note that the diabetic patients and those who inhale steroids for asthma etc could also have white coating on their tongue.

B) Leukoplakia- In some persons, cells in their mouth grow excessively leading to white patches on the tongue. This is termed as leukoplakia. It is learnt that when the tongue gets irritated then we could have this issue. It could be a precursor to cancer also.

Tongue in red colour:

A) Vitamin deficiency- The tongue could appear reddish in colour due to folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiencies.

B) Geographic tongue- Sometimes, on the tongue surface we could get a map-like pattern of red colour spots. They could have white borders around them. Geographic tongue is harmless.

C) Scarlet fever- If strawberry (red and bumpy) like appearance is found on the tongue then it would reveal scarlet fever. Persons would have high fever with red tongue and they must consult a doctor immediately.

D) Kawasaki disease- This is seen in the kids below the age of 5 and the kids would have high fever along with strawberry like appearance on the tongue.

Tongue in black colour and hairy:

Those who are diabetic and those who are receiving chemotherapy would have black hairy tongue in them. The papillae on the tongue would grow long and become more likely to harbour bacteria. Point is that these bacteria would grow and it would give black or dark appearance on the tongue.

Tongue is sore and bumpy:

It must be noted that soreness on the tongue could be due to excessive smoking. Soreness could also be due to accidentally biting of the tongue. Canker sores developed due to stress could make the tongue sore and bumpy.




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