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How consuming fishes could be superb for diabetic persons?


Posted on : 21/Jul/2021 9:01:46 AM

What makes fish intake very good for diabetes?

It is important to mention that diabetes is a disease in which the body`s ability to produce or respond to insulin hormone is impaired resulting in increased blood glucose levels.

It is known that fishes have omega-3 fatty acids plus vitamin D, proteins etc and these play a great role in managing the glucose levels in diabetics. Intake of fishes prevents insulin resistance and lowers diabetes related issues like heart diseases etc.

For these important reasons, intake of fish could be good for diabetes.

Rich in vitamin D:
Our body would get more vitamin D when we eat fishes like salmon, herring etc. This vitamin D is linked with lower risk of getting diabetes. It is known that the precursor for diabetes is insulin sensitivity and by eating fish insulin sensitivity would get improved.

Rich in proteins:
There are certain types of fish like Mustelus Antarcticus that have high protein content in them. When we eat them we feel full for a long time. Tuna fish type when consumed could help stimulate an improved insulin response. Truth is that dietary proteins could improve insulin sensitivity in pre-diabetics as well as in the diabetics.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids:
The diabetes in us would get controlled by intake of fishes having omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, we could get many other benefits like regulation of cholesterol levels, lower risk of heart diseases etc.

Low in calories:
There are fishes like tilapia, cord and flounder etc that have low calories and by eating these fishes we would be able to manage and prevent diabetes in us. Point is that obesity is very dangerous and it could lead to diabetes in us. It is believed that obesity could impair the glucose production and utilisation of glucose by the body cells.   

Rich in fibres:
Our bad cholesterol levels would get reduced when we eat fish that have high fibres. By this, the plasma lipid levels would get reduced. This would in turn contribute to the management of glucose in persons with diabetes. It is known that fibre is an essential component in fishes.

Rich in vitamin B12:
It has been brought out that those with type-2 diabetes are deficient in vitamin B12. Older adults and those with prolonged diabetes mellitus etc have vitamin B12 deficiency in them. By consuming fish, the vitamin B12 deficiency is avoided and diabetes is managed.

Rich in selenium content:
Selenium has the ability to scavenge free radicals in the body and due to this selenium could reduce the risk of insulin resistance plus diabetes. Information is that free radicals would harm the beta cells of pancreas and would increase the risk of diabetes. The free radical effects would be lowered by selenium which is an antioxidant.

Rich in vitamin B6:
Those persons with diabetes would get diabetes complications like diabetic retinopathy and diabetic neuropathy as they would have low levels of vitamin B6 in them. By consuming fishes like tuna, yellowfin etc rich in vitamin B6, diabetes induced complications could be prevented. 




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