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Are you having high BP, please avoid these foods compulsorily!!


Posted on : 20/Jul/2021 9:21:32 AM

Our blood pressure or BP could get affected by the foods we eat. Blood pressure is the term given to the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of the blood vessels. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is one common health issue the majority of us have these days and this issue could be due to many reasons. It is necessary that we must keep our BP in control to avoid getting other serious health issues. We must choose proper foods if we have blood pressure.

We must avoid these foods if we have high blood pressure.

Avoid intake of salty foods:
It must be noted that salt or sodium lead to high blood pressure in us and hence it must be avoided. We must avoid foods like pizza, bread rolls, sandwiches etc.

Avoid sugary foods:
Not only salty foods but also various foods with sugar could lead to an increase in blood pressure. It has been proved by research study that added sugar might have a direct effect on the BP.

Avoid processed foods with trans- fats:
It is a must that people with high BP (for the sake of their heart health) must reduce saturated fats and avoid trans- fats. By consuming foods with trans-fats we could get affected by issues like strokes, heart disease and type-2 diabetes etc.

Avoid alcohol intake:
Those with high blood pressure must avoid consumption of alcohol. It is well known that alcohol is bad for our health as it could lead to several issues in us.

Avoid caffeine:
It is said that caffeine could lead to temporary increase in blood pressure. Hence it is good to restrict caffeine intake by reducing the intake of coffee etc.

Avoid deli meat intake:
It is true that processed lunch meat and deli meats are full of sodium.  So those with high BP must not eat deli meat.

Avoid frozen pizza intake:
Not many know that sugars, saturated fats plus sodium are present in frozen pizzas.  The daily intake of sodium is 2300mg and one 12 inch pepperoni pizza would have 3140 mg of sodium.

Avoid pickles intake:
Many of us eat pickles in combination with foods. It is worthy to note that pickles are full of salt. Salt is added to preserve the pickle from decaying plus to keep it edible for longer periods.

Avoid canned soups intake:
It is known that canned sosoups are easy to make. Truth is that they have plenty of salt. Therefore, those with high BP must avoid canned soups totally.  

Avoid canned tomato products intake:
Rich amounts of sodium are present in canned tomato sauces, pasta sauces, tomato juices etc. This would increase the blood pressure. Those persons with high BP must avoid this.




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