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The excess screen time for kids can be reduced by following these superb ways


Posted on : 12/Jun/2021 8:52:23 AM

In this Coronavirus pandemic, the schools are closed and kids learn through online class sessions only. Truth is that the lockdown has been impactful for the kids between the online classes and virtual play dates. The screen dependency has increased to a huge extent now. It is said that excessive screen usage in the pandemic could be a serious issue for concern as it could result in many issues like poor sleep, developmental deficits etc in the kids. Many health experts were of the view that the kids should get not more than 1 to 2 hours of screen time per day.

Limiting the screen time in kids is very important and it can be done by these superb ways

By fixing set screen usage time:
Whether Coronavirus pandemic is there or not, set screen usage time must be fixed for the kids. Parents must check their kids regarding this and not allow excess screen time.

By making kids know about hobbies / skills etc:
Many kids would have forgotten their hobbies and skills due to increased screen time. Parents must prioritize the non digital activities (like hobbies etc) of their kids. Point to be noted here is that staying at home time is also a good way to teach the kids about essential life skills etc. By this, the kids would be kept busy and occupied.

By encouraging kids to maintain healthy screen habits:
Parents must segregate the usage of screens in the bedrooms. A proper space must be allocated for the kids to attend online classes and keep gadgets at a distance.

By spending time with kids:
Many parents in their busy schedule forget this totally. Kids spend more time with their gadgets as parents do not spend time with them. It is important that parents must take time off from their routine and spend time with their kids. By this, there would be more bonding between parents and the kids.

By monitoring own screen usage time:
Not only for the kids, but also for the parents/ adults excess screen time is not good. It is important that the parents must monitor their own screen usage also.

By stressing on good lifestyle habits:
This is also one superb way or method by which a parent could control the kids from excess usage of screen time. Parents must ask their kids to walk around or do simple exercises for every 10 to 15 minutes of screen time. 




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