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Please be careful about these monsoon allergies that would affect you badly


Posted on : 11/Jun/2021 8:41:23 AM

Come monsoon, come allergies!!

In the monsoon season, a person who is prone to allergies even slightly could be at the receiving end of allergies. After scorching heat and humidity levels in the month of May, June and July months would receive rains. This might bring some relief from the heat but it would also bring allergies, boils, skin eruptions etc. Truth here is that skin as well as respiratory allergies could become worse during the monsoon season.

These are various types of allergies a person might get during monsoons.

Skin based allergies:
Places where pollution is high, people would get affected with skin allergies. It is revealed that in the monsoon season clothes/shoes etc could become wet and this would become a hotbed for allergies.  We could get skin allergies due to raincoats, jackets etc when they come in contact with the skin. This could lead to fungal infections in us. It is believed that when our body comes in contact with allergy triggers like pet, fur, pollen, dust etc then our body would release histamines or chemicals. This could be treated by means of antihistamines like tablets, capsules, liquids etc.

Our skin could get dull and dark patches due to the monsoon season allergy. This is called hyper-pigmentation. It is said that hyper-pigmentation in the monsoon season could be due to melanocytes becoming hyperactive due to lack of exposure to sun.

Acne and eczema:
Many of us could get affected with monsoon allergies like acne, eczema etc. This could be because of the fact that the weather changes that could lead to irritation of skin, redness and acne and eczema etc. By consulting a skin doctor, we could get a solution for this.

One common monsoon allergy which many get is facial folliculitis where hair follicles would become inflamed. Upper back, arms, thighs, forehead could have this issue. This allergy could be because of fungal/bacterial infection, excessive humidity, sweating etc. By taking regular baths and by keeping skin hydrated, we could avoid this folliculitis issue.

Mould allergies:
Fungi that could survive on the water and food sources and could grow on the wet walls could cause moulds. In the monsoon season, moulds increase and are responsible for issues like skin allergies, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma etc.

Ringworms and whitish furry growth:
In the monsoon time, we could also get ringworm or whitish furry growth between fingers/toes or athlete`s foot. The growth of fungus is very high in the monsoonon season because a high amount of perspiration would make the sweat not dry. The skin of us would get irritated by the presence of salt on the skin resulting in rapid fungal growth. We could get severe itchiness and redness.




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