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By these signs, we can know that the exercise we do is not good but harming our health


Posted on : 09/Jun/2021 6:39:43 PM

How would you feel if you are told that the exercise you do is hurting your health!! Shocking right!!

On one side, there are many who do not exercise at all and on the other side there are many who over exercise. A balance is necessary. It is true that doing exercises every day would keep us in good health. Our overall health would get better by doing any kind of physical activity. Muscle recovery and repair are very important and for these we must have enough rest between workout sessions. We must not over exercise or over stress our body because it would lead to physical, emotional and mental issues.

There are signs that reveal that the exercise we do hurts our body and over exercising signs are

Feeling exhausted:
Sometimes, even after sleeping for more than hours at night, we might feel exhausted. This would show that we are over exercising. Slowing down is a must.

Getting injured:
Excessive training sessions can cause issues like muscle strains, inflammations and fractures. This shows that the body needs rest.

Over eating:
It is true that people who exercise a lot over eat or eat excess food. This is due to the fact that when we over exercise then our body would need more energy to keep itself energised.

Feeling moody:
This is also one sign of over exercising. It is believed that over exercising would affect physically as well as mentally. We would feel moody and cranky.

Declination in performance:
Our physical performance would get affected by fatigue and lack of motivation. It is worthy to note that lack of strength, agility and endurance can make it difficult to exercise.

Getting sick often:
Immune system would get weakened if we do not give proper rest to the body. This would make us become sick or ill frequently.

Sleepless nights can also be because of over exercising. Here, the sympathetic nervous system is not functioning healthily and it could be because of exercising too much. It is said that overactive sympathetic nervous systems and troubled sleeping are related to anaerobic activities like sprinting, weight lifting etc.