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Why is consuming jowar or sorghum superb for us?


Posted on : 09/Jun/2021 8:55:44 AM

How many of us know that Jowar or sorghum is an important food source in the African deserts?

Fact is that many species of sorghum have got very good drought as well as high temperatures and hence they form a food source in African deserts. Jowar or sorghum belongs to the family named Poaceae and they are mostly found in warmer climates. They are also found in subtropical and tropical regions belonging to all continents.

Otherwise called as great millets, Indian millets, milo and durra etc, sorghum or jowar has numerous varieties like grain sorghum, grass sorghum, broom corns etc. It is considered as equivalent to quinoa is well known. Sorghum or jowar is gluten free and it is a superb alternative to maida or wheat flour. Jowar or sorghum has many nutrients like proteins, fats, fibre, magnesium, vitamin B1, B2 and B5 etc.

We could get plenty of benefits by consuming jowar or sorghum. The benefits are

Helps us to lose weight:
Being rich in fibre plus high quality protein, jowar intake could make us feel full for long periods of time. We would not consume excess foods and due to this we would be able to lose weight.

Blood circulation gets boosted:
Iron and copper present in sorghum could play a huge role in the circulation of blood. It must be noted that iron could improve red blood cells development and copper could help in absorption of iron.

Manages blood sugar levels:
This is also one important benefit of eating sorghum or jowar. Truth is that jowar is a complex carbohydrate and when consumed gets digested slowly. This would prompt a more gradual rise in the blood sugar levels.

Good for bone health:
The presence of magnesium in sorghum or jowar could help in absorption of calcium. Point is that calcium is very important as it would provide superb strength to the bones. Bone health gets improved.

Prevents constipation etc:
Jowar containing high dietary fibres could help in digestion. When we eat jowar we would be able to pass stools easily as fibre plays its role as bulking agent.

Improves heart health:
By intake of jowar or sorghum our bad cholesterol levels get lowered and we would not get heart attacks etc. We would also have low chances of hindered blood flow, atherosclerosis, plaque formation etc in us. It is said that by consuming jowar we could also avoid several cardiovascular conditions and this could be due the presence of magnesium, iron etc plus due to antioxidants etc.

Gluten free:
Gluten, a protein compound, could give rise to issues like stomach cramps, bloating pain etc and it is found in wheat, barley etc. Those who suffer from gluten intolerance could eat jowar or sorghum.