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Be careful about these signs of anxiety attack and take care of your health


Posted on : 08/Jun/2021 8:41:16 AM

We all would have felt anxious in our lives at some point of time, wouldn`t it!!

When we are worried about something or get threatened by something, then what we get is called anxiety. Point is that anxiety is how our mind and body reacts when subjected to extreme pressure. The person with an anxiety attack would feel some changes in his or her body. It is not possible to find out the nature of the anxiety attack sometimes. We would be able to come out of the anxiety attacks by various ways like deep breathing, by practising mindfulness, by muscle relaxation techniques etc.

These below are various signs of anxiety a person would experience.

Overwhelming emotions:
In an anxiety attack we would feel that we do not have anything under control. It is true that those who experience anxiety attacks would normally have lots of overwhelming emotions.

Rapid heart palpitations:
It is brought out that heart pounding intensely or racing heart beat is a common sign of anxiety attack. The anxiety struck persons might feel as if their heart is racing. It would also appear like the heart has skipped to beat.

Breathing problems:
Dyspnea or shortness of breath is also frequently seen in those with anxiety attacks. The affected person might feel that he or she cannot catch his or her breath and there might also be a suffocation feeling in many. We could face difficulty breathing when we have anxiety attacks.

Unable to stay calm and focus:
The ability to stay calm and composed would not be there in those with anxiety attacks. The person then starts to lose his or her focus when nothing is under control. Persons would have a confused state of mind when they suffer from anxiety attacks.

Profuse sweating or chills:
It is not uncommon to see persons with anxiety attacks sweating profusely or shivering with cold etc.

Tightening of chest:
The normal chest pain and heartburns would be different from the chest pain associated with anxiety attack. Those with anxiety attacks would have chest tightening and he or she might get sharp persistent pain.