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Be careful!! Do you eat desserts daily then you might get these skin issues


Posted on : 05/Jun/2021 6:37:47 PM

Our heart might skip a beat when we see gooey molten lava cakes or cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles etc.

If you eat desserts frequently and are very crazy about it then please be careful. Desserts can be very delicious to eat and it could provide us various benefits like they are full of nutrients plus good mood booster, improves weight control, incorporating more fruits in diet possible etc. But not many know that eating desserts daily could lead to many skin based issues in us.

These skin issues are

Faster ageing:
We all love to look young in life and it is said that eating desserts daily might make us look aged. This is due to the high glycemic index of the desserts.

Skin inflammation:
By eating desserts daily, we could get skin inflammation issues too. So, please be careful.

Acne issues:
Nobody wants to have acne scars on their faces as it would spoil the looks. It is true that eating desserts daily might increase acne in us.

Eczema issues:
Intake of too much sugar could also lead to worsening of eczema. It is known that eczema is a condition that would make the skin look reddish and itchy.

Worsens psoriasis and rosacea issues:
The shocking truth is that by eating desserts daily the psoriasis and rosacea worsens in us. This would make our lives tough. In psoriasis, we could get scales, itchy dry patches. The cheeks and nose would have a flushed appearance when a person gets affected by rosacea condition.

Advanced glycation:
Harmful free radicals get activated by the sugar (in the bloodstream) that gets attached to proteins. This is called advanced glycation.

Skin becomes dull:
We all want our skin to be bright and fresh, By intake of desserts daily our skin could get dehydrated and it would appear dull.