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Fantastic food items that purify the blood!


Posted on : 02/Jun/2021 1:21:57 PM

High purity of blood is really essential for healthy and glowing skin!  Issues such as facial pimples, popsicles (small boils), and swelling occur mainly due to the impurities in the blood.

Further, impure blood may even lead to complaints such as allergy, nausea, and headache! Pureblood is really essential to carry oxygen to the vital internal organs in a smooth and balanced manner.

Let us be aware of some of the food items which help organically to purify the blood:

Lemon Juice: 
Lemon Juice is one of the best food items to cleanse the blood! The acidity content in lemon juice checks and controls/neutralizes the pH level! It also removes the toxic elements in the blood. It kills the bacteria, viruses and harmful germs in the blood! The habit of drinking a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice is excellent as it removes the toxic elements in the blood and as a result, health also improves!

Baking soda: 
This can be taken along with Apple Cider Vinegar. Te intake of this mixture ensures the balanced pH level in the blood! It aids the removal of uric acid from the toxic blood and cleansing the blood. Take a glass of water, mix it with a pinch of baking soda, and 3 teaspoonfuls of Apple Cider vinegar and drink!

Medical experts highly recommend beetroot to enhance the haemoglobin level in the blood! Beetroot is rich in antioxidants and nitrates have the property to cleanse the blood. It also enhances the production of enzymes! It also enhances the healthy functioning of the liver!

Jaggery has a natural property to cleanse the blood! Jaggery has a rich iron content which helps ensure healthy blood circulation in the body! It dissolves the solidified blood particles as well and cures the blood popsicles! Intake of jaggery also helps recover/enhance the haemoglobin level. Jaggery also helps the digestion process!

Basil has the property to remove all the toxic elements in the blood, kidneys, and liver! It removes the toxic elements and helps remove them from the body through urination. So, the habit of munching 7/8 bail leaves is really good! Or else, one can drink a cup of basil tea as well!

Turmeric is an excellent disinfectant! It helps cleanse all the toxic sources in the blood. A glass of milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric can be taken daily!

One of the important functions of blood is to take the important ingredients such as oxygen and nutrients to the various vital organs in the body! For a healthy body, blood must be totally non-toxic!

As it is well-known that it is essential to remove the toxic elements from the body, it is equally important to clean the blood! The liver, kidneys and other organs carry out the function purification!



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