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Pregnant women must eat these foods compulsorily to avoid stress / anxiety due to Covid-19 infection


Posted on : 01/Jun/2021 5:56:09 PM

Pregnant women must be very careful now in this second Covid-19 infection wave as this wave is causing a lot of harm for them. In addition to the stress and anxiety caused due to delivering the babies, the pregnant women now are also having stress and anxiety of getting infected with Covid-19 infection.

If the immune system of a pregnant woman is good, then she might not get affected by the rapidly spreading Covid-19 infection. It is believed that by intake of foods that are healthy and good a pregnant woman would be able to get her stress and anxiety reduced.

Every pregnant woman must eat these foods without fail to avoid stress due to Covid-19 infection.

Intake of vitamin C rich foods:
By helping the body in fighting against the infections, vitamin C intake plays a huge role. Recharging and revitalising the body would be possible by intake of vitamin C rich foods. Examples of vitamin C foods are citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli etc

Intake of dairy products:
Pregnant women must consume dairy products that are filled with good gut friendly bacteria. They would boost the immune system. Examples are milk, cheese etc

Intake of whole grains:
The gut of a pregnant woman would be kept strong and her immunity would be increased if she consumes foods rich in whole grains. It is known that whole grains are full of vitamin B. Examples are brown rice, barley, millet etc.

Intake of seafood:
It is believed that intake of sea foods like fatty fishes (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) etc could improve the health of a pregnant woman and help her to fight stress and anxiety due to Covid-19 infection.

Intake of green vegetables:
Pregnant women must eat fresh green leafy vegetables for her health to be good and she would be able to overcome stress and anxiety due to Covid-19.

Intake of zinc and selenium rich foods:
Two immunity enhancing nutrients are zinc and selenium and every pregnant woman must eat foods that are rich in these 2 micronutrients. Examples are eggs, sea foods, beans, nuts etc having selenium. Foods like nuts, baked beans, chickpeas etc are rich in zinc.