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Beginning the day by drinking Fennel tea could be tremendous due to these reasons


Posted on : 28/May/2021 5:56:57 PM

How many of us know what fennel tea is?

It must be noted that fennel is an aromatic plant that is used for cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. The fennel seeds are being used in making many dishes. Truth is that these brownish fennel seeds could be dried and then be used to make fennel tea. It is believed that by beginning the day by drinking fennel tea we could get many health benefits. Various ingredients that are present in fennel tea are calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, amino acids, vitamins like A, B and C etc.

Preparing fennel tea:
In the first step, one cup of water is taken and to it is added one spoon of fennel seeds. The combination is boiled for ten minutes. Lemon juice could also be added along with one teaspoon of honey. Then the contents are stirred well and consumed warm.

These are the reasons why drinking fennel tea every morning could be highly beneficial for us.

Immunity gets boosted:
One of the major health benefits of drinking fennel tea is that our immunity would get boosted. Our immune system would get enhanced due to the presence of vitamin C in the fennel tea. The antimicrobial properties of this tea would also increase our immunity.

Cures digestive problems:
The health of our large intestine and colon would become better by drinking fennel tea having fibres in it. The digestion enhancing properties of fennel seeds would help the muscles to relax and flow of bile gets stimulated. Issues like IBS etc would be reduced by drinking this tea.

Good for weight loss:
By consuming fennel tea, our cravings for food would be reduced due to improved digestion. By this, we would be able to lose weight. Excess fluid and waste from the body gets removed and this would also lead to weight loss.

Provides hormonal balance:
Those with hormonal imbalances could drink fennel tea containing phytoestrogens. Issues like PCOS could also be treated by this amazing tea. Thyroid hormone would also get balanced due to the presence of progestogenic substances in fennel tea.

Manages diabetes:
It has been found by research studies that fennel tea could help in managing diabetes issues. The fennel tea has got a low glycemic index and due to this it is highly beneficial for diabetes.

Relieves arthritis:
The levels of inflammation in us would get reduced by the presence of antioxidants in fennel tea. This would help in relieving symptoms of arthritis. Poioint is that fennel is one of the herbs known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves eyesight:
Eyes are very important for us and we must take proper care of our eyes. The presence of vitamin C in fennel could improve our eyesight and eye health. 




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