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Do you know that running for just 5 minutes daily can be beneficial in these ways


Posted on : 15/May/2021 6:27:03 PM

How would you feel if you come to know that just 5 minutes of running exercise everyday could be wonderful and could provide you with many health benefits!! Surprised right!!

Many of us would feel lazy to do exercises daily. The busy work schedule is often cited as the main reason why many do not exercise daily. It is a well known fact that exercising for some time daily would provide us with so many health benefits. Truth is that people would just want to relax with their families and friends by watching TV or movies etc when they get time. It is amazing to note that just 5 minutes of running everyday could provide many health benefits. Many research studies have revealed this also.

Various health benefits of 5 minutes of daily running are

Helps to burn calories:
Instead of doing no exercise, doing exercise for just 5 minutes would always be better. Truth is that running would help us to lose calories.

Mood booster:
Both physical as well as mental health could get boosted by running for just 5 minutes every day. Our mood would be boosted and the symptoms of depression etc would be kept away. Persons who are in a bad mood must run for atleast 5 minutes for their mood change.

Blood sugar gets controlled:
Many these days have high blood sugar levels or diabetes and find it very difficult. This diabetes could further lead to many serious health issues. It is believed that by running for 5 minutes we would be able to bring our blood sugar levels under control.

Sleeping gets better:
Good sound sleep is essential for every person and poor sleep could lead to many issues later. Just 5 minutes of running per day could make us sleep well in the night time.

Blood pressure or BP gets controlled:
Many lead stressful lives these days and due to that they would have high BP in them. Just 5 minutes of running everyday could help in controlling the blood pressure. Health of the heart would also get better by running for 5 minutes every day. 




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