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Information regarding drinking coffee (when to drink last cup of coffee in the day) and its effect on sound sleeping


Posted on : 13/May/2021 6:37:50 PM

Who would not like the aroma and taste of a hot coffee!!

It is true that drinking coffee has become very common these days due to the work from home and due study from home also. Coffee has got caffeine in it and intake of coffee could provide us with various benefits.

By drinking coffee, we could get energy plus we can have other benefits such as long lifespan, less chances of getting Parkinsons disease, less chances of getting heart failure, less chances of colon cancers, Alzheimers disease could be kept at bay etc. Hence, it is good to drink 2 or three cups of coffee per day. There are many who drink more than this also. 

There are chances that caffeine in the coffee we drink could affect our sleep at the night. Therefore, we must know when to stop drinking coffee in the day to get superb sleep.

The research studies have made it clear that consuming a cup of coffee would interfere with our sleep as the body would take up 12 hours to metabolise coffee. Those who have trouble falling asleep must cut down on the caffeine intake. These persons must not drink coffee after a certain time in the evening.  Every individual must know when to drink coffee and how much they take.

After consumption of coffee, maximum effects of caffeine would take place between 30 to 60 minutes. Truth is that the metabolism of coffee takes a long time. There are chances that the last cup of coffee which you consumed at 5pm in the evening might keep you awake all night.

Not many would be aware of the truth that our body would take up to 6 hours just to process half the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. The effect of intake of coffee on sleep might be more for those women who take oral based contraceptives. It must be taken into note that these women might need twice more time to metabolise caffeine in coffee.

The enzyme that breaks down caffeine in the body is cytochrome P4501A2 and birth control oral contraceptives inhibit this enzyme. It is interesting to note that those who smoke might be able to process caffeine much faster. These persons would be able to drink coffee with caffeine late in the evenings and still could get good sleep in the nights.

As per the professor Mr. Rob Van Dam belonging to National Institute of Singapore, coffee could be useful for those with routine tasks and not everyone would have to drink coffee with caffeine. A person who has energy and gets good enough sleep at the night time could go through the day without intake of coffee with caffeine.