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Does your kid shows these signs, then he or she might be having type-1 diabetes issue or juvenile diabetes


Posted on : 12/May/2021 8:14:15 PM

Insulin is an essential hormone that allows blood sugar to pass into the cells. Sometimes, the pancreas in our body stops to produce this insulin and this could be due to an autoimmune condition termed as type-1 diabetes. Anybody can have this diabetes issue in them but when diabetes occurs in the children and young adults then it is called juvenile diabetes.

By taking medication and by making some changes in the lifestyle, type-1 diabetes can be brought under control or managed well. Bitter truth is that it cannot be cured totally. Diabetes in kids can occur in 2 important noticeable peaks. Truth is that the first peak occurs in kids between 4 to 7 years old and the second peak occurs in kids between 10 to 14 years old.

Children with type-1 diabetes in them would show these important signs. Various signs are

Excessive thirst:

Kids might have excessive thirst (at all times and not only in summers) and this could be an important sign of type-1 diabetes in them. Please take care.

More hungry:

It is believed that when glucose does not enter the cells due to lack of insulin this would make the kids hungrier. It must be noted that the cells attempt to get the fuel to carry out the function of the body.

Severe headaches:

Kids with type-1 diabetes would have headaches due to the spike in the blood sugar levels. It is true that kids might also experience blurred vision.

More urge to pass urine:

Frequent urination or more urge to pass urine is another important sign that reveals that the kid is affected by type-1 diabetes. Here, when the level of glucose exceeds in the urine then the kidney tries to remove it from the body by increasing the volume and frequency of urination.

Extreme weakness or fatigue:

In the kids with type-1 diabetes, food cannot be absorbed into the cells for energy. As a result, the kid would feel extremely weak.

Unexplained loss of weight:

It is worthy to note that kids with type-1 diabetes in them would have unexplained weight loss or in ability to gain weight in their growing years.