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Have you tried these superb ways to remove ink stains from your clothes?


Posted on : 11/May/2021 6:40:05 PM

Nobody would like to see their clothes stained with ink. Seeing clothes with ink is terrible. Truth is that ink stains always find the most prominent place in the clothes. Ink stains are mostly present on the front bodice in shirts and blouses, on the legs of jeans and inside the bags etc. People try various ways to remove ink stains from their clothes. When the ink stains are dealt with immediately they could be removed easily.

There are certain ways by which we could remove ink stains from the clothes. These are

By putting salt on wet stain:
This is one common and easiest way used to remove ink stains from the clothes. Firstly, dabbing the salt is done and this is followed by gently dabbing the spot with a wet paper towel. This method can be repeated till the stain goes away from the clothes.

By using nail paint remover:
Many would have used nail paint remover to remove nail paints only. They would not be aware of the fact that nail paint remover could also be used to remove ink stains from the clothes. Firstly, by using a small and clean cotton ball we must dab some amount of nail paint remover on the ink stains. After the stain goes off, we can wash the clothes to ensure them stain free.

By using cornstarch:
In the first step, cornstarch and milk are mixed to form a paste. Then, this paste is applied on the ink stains present on the clothes. The paste is allowed to settle down on the ink stain and become dry. After it has dried up, it is possible to brush off the paste from the ink stains.

By using milk:
Here, the clothes with ink stains are soaked in milk and allowed to stand overnight. The stains could be removed easily.

By using hair spray:
There is no need to worry about if your new clothes get stained by ink. Hair sprays can also be used to remove the ink stains. The hair spray is applied on the stained area and spot lifts up after sometime.

By using toothpaste:
It is worthy to note that this method might not be effective on every fabric and on type of ink stains. Non-gel toothpastes can be used to remove ink stains from the clothes. Small quantity of toothpaste is used on the stained area and rubbed. The stain would fade away slowly.